Women Composers on WNPR

Tuesday’s broadcast of The Colin McEnroe Show, which broadcasts out of WNPR in Connecticut, featured a conversation with contemporary women composers.  The show, inspired by the upcoming documentary, “Written by Mrs. Bach”, was (woefully) titled “The Plight of the Composeress” and included conversations with Sally Beamish, Paula Matthusen, and Jenny Giering.  The show also features Heidi Harralson who is an expert in document forensics and contributed to the film, and Carolyn Kuan, Music Director of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

They discuss not only the plausibility of Anna Magdalena in composing the Cello Suites, but also the historical and systemic problems surrounding the recognition of women’s work, including the lack of representation in today’s programming.

Have a listen to the full conversation!

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