Upcoming Concert at Issue Project Room

The New York Times recently ran a short article about an upcoming concert series hosted by Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY.

Issue Project Room defines its mission as:

ISSUE Project Room embraces the integrity of creative exploration and the spirit of unfettered artistic expression by offering a vital meeting place for disparate forms of creativity.

ISSUE Project Room provides an open and versatile environment in which established and emerging artists conduct, exhibit and perform new and site-specific work. Through an evolving collaboration with curators, artists and educators, ISSUE Project Room foments widely ranging artistic projects that challenge and expand artistic practice.

ISSUE Project Room fulfills its mission by curating innovative programs, events, exhibitions, performances, talks and concerts.

The inclusiveness and passion for creative expression associated with Issue Project Room is evident in the upcoming concert series, co-sponsored by The Wire, and titled “Propensity of Sound”.  The five concert series will feature the works of Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, and Laurie Spiegel.  The five concerts are not being slated as “women’s music” concerts, but the opening line from the NYT article by Steve Smith subtly recognizes the significance of this work:

The history of Western classical music is rife with forgotten side roads, populated by composers and styles overlooked, marginalized or otherwise neglected.

For more details about concert dates and to buy tickets go here.