Repertoire to Know: Louise Farrenc

Only 13 days left to submit your Performance Grant application!  If you are still in need of inspiration, consider the work of Louise Farrenc.  Farrenc (1804-1875) is a personal favorite of mine, and stands out as being a prolific composer in the 19th century, finishing numerous works for piano, voice, and chamber ensembles – but also several works for orchestra, including three symphonies.

Earlier this year Tom Service, classical music critic for The Guardian, included Farrenc’s Third Symphony in his Symphony Guide.

Any of her symphonies or two orchestral overtures would be fabulous additions to a concert program – perhaps especially in a program featuring Schumann, who highly praised Farrenc’s works.

Her overtures can be rented through Hildegard Publishing:


Her symphonies are available through Florian NoetzelVerlag:


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