Opening Night at the Boston Symphony

Liane at Boston Symphony Hall
Liane at Boston Symphony Hall, 9-30-2011

—  Hey, I haven’t worn a sandwich-board since the VPO protest of 1999!  A lot of fun!

My sign reads:

BSO, why are women composers excluded?
2011-2012: 70 pieces by 32 composers—
ALL of them MEN.
Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
Sign our mailing list!

And I handed out a flier (200 of ’em!).  It’s amazing how some people look right through you when you are trying to hand them something. Others were, of course, full of interest and enthusiasm! I met some very kind people! And I met BSO artistic administrator Tony Fogg, who I had written back when I wrote James Levine and Mark Volpe in 2008 (and several times after that). He said that he had written me back a lengthy reply, but I never received it.  Too bad to have a miscommunication, I will try again … and again …

Here’s a link to the front of the flier in PDF format  (the back was a summary of my letter to the BSO referenced above)

BSO-Do you recognize them



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  1. Glad to see you’re out and about, and keeping women composers in public awareness. Would be interesting to find out what Tony Fogg wrote in his reply to your earlier letters.

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