News and music to start your week!

After a brief hiatus, Listening to Ladies is back with a new episode!  Don’t miss Elizabeth Blair’s conversation with Kaley Lane Eaton.  Find more information, images, and links on the LtL website and listen in below!

Alex Ross pointed his readers to an article about Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith.  Read on, and listen in, at The Rest Is Noise.

At New Music Box Alex Temple has an important article about composers, performers and consent.

Sequenza 21 wrote about the (then) upcoming performance of works by Florence Price by the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra – a wonderful concert, and the New York Premiere of Price’s second Violin Concerto!

Guest author Pamela Wilson reflects as part of our series, The Impact of The Women’s Philharmonic

And what better way to start your week than with a fantastic playlist from The Daffodil Perspective?!

Please let us know your thoughts and what we missed!