Monday Link Round Up: February 5, 2018

News to start your week!

Don’t miss Alex Ross’s piece on Florence Price in The New Yorker.  He speaks of her “rediscovery”, a coming premiere, and the attention that her music deserves, also mentioning Amy Beach “Gaelic” Symphony and William Dawson’s “Negro Folk Symphony”  Important thoughts to add to the ongoing conversations about representation.

International Musician discusses the life and work of Tania Leon just after the premiere of a new work by Youth Orchestra Los Angeles.  Read the article, “A Celebration of Diversity in Composing and Life” here.

Stop by “On an Overgrown Path” for an in depth consideration of the impact of racism in classical music.  The first post explores the obstacles faced by Rudolph Dunbar, a black conductor who had an international career until faced with resistance.  In a follow-up article, learn about the life and career of composer and conductor Philippa Schuyler.

The Women Composers Festival of Hartford is announcing more details about the 2018 Festival – which will be held April 6-8.  Learn more about the exciting concerts and presentations here!