Monday Link Round Up: February 22, 2016

News to start your week!

It was announced this week that Kaija Saaraiho will be the first woman since Ethel Smyth to hear her opera performed at the Met – making her the second woman ever.  The New York Times has the story.

For some perspective, the Times also reminded readers of the announcement to the 1903 premiere to Smyth’s Der Wald, which called it an “Operatic Novelty“.

And ICYMI the musicology world, or at least those of us who follow the American Musicological Society blog Musicology Now, has been engrossed in conversations of race and privilege.  For some context, perspective, and thoughtful commentary on the whole situation I recommend Kendra Preston Leonard’s blog on the matter.
What are you reading?  What stories did we miss?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


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