Monday Link Round Up: August 7, 2017

News to start the week!

Anne Midgette of The Washington Post has responded to NPR’s list of top 150 albums by women and compiled a list of the top 35 women composers.  It’s hard to argue with any of her choices, though the list is rather biased on contemporary voices.  Read the list here.


WQXR has an interesting story abut Rosemary Brown – a self described “medium” who supposedly channeled the music of some of history’s composers (Liszt, Chopin, etc.) producing hundreds of compositions in different styles.  Read the story yourself and decide if she was “channeling” or, in fact, composing.


A new documentary acknowledges the lack of women’s voices writing for film and television.  Learn more about the Alliance for Women Film Composers and the documentary, “Women Who Score”, at Variety.


The issue of representation and lack of diversity in classical music has been highlighted by NBC News which profiled conductor Roderick Cox and the experiences he has had as one of the few black conductors, and one of the youngest professional conductors.  Read on here.


What did we miss?  What are you reading?  Let us know!