Monday Link Round Up: August 17, 2015

The dog days of summer means a slow news week, but here are a few links to catch up on as you start your week:


Alex Ross shared a recording of Liza Lim’s Invisibility at his blog, The Rest is Noise, perhaps in response to Lim’s own announcement of the release of two new CDs and a new premiere in September.  Read more at Lim’s website.

NPR shared a story about the 75th anniversary of the Tanglewood Music Center.  This institution, and the Tanglewood Music Festival, are vibrant and vital components of American music, both in education and in performance.  In honor of the anniversary TMC commissioned 34 new works – check back to the blog later this week to read more about the new additions to the repertoire.

Listen to the story here:

WBUR in Boston also did a story on the two conducting fellows at Tanglewood this year – who, for the first time in history, both happen to be women.  More here, or listen below:

As always, let us know what we missed!  And if you haven’t taken it yet, spend a few minutes with the Into The Light monthly quiz for your chance to win a CD!

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