Linda Luebke Strings Festival & Meira Warshauer

This weekend (September 29-30) is the 2018 Linda Luebke Strings Festival in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The Festival offers a unique experience for strings students to grow in their musicianship through small ensemble experience, music theory, dance, composition, development of technique, and camaraderie with other like-minded young people.  The two day festival also offers workshops for music teachers.We at WPA are delighted to support this year’s Festival, which features Meira Warshauer as composer-in-residence.  After a weekend of hard work, the combined festival ensemble will perform a new work commissioned by the Festival. We are especially delighted that Dr. Warshauer will be attending the Festival and working directly with the students as they learn her piece.  

Dr. Warshauer has collaborated with the faculty of the Linda Luebke Strings Festival throughout the composition process.  The final work, Dancing by the Sea, adds a new, challenging, and delightful work to the repertoire for young string ensembles, and allows for students of beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to join together with parts written specifically for them.

Congratulations to The Linda Luebke Strings Festival and Dr. Warshauer!  We so look forward to hearing this new work, and to learn about the experiences the Festival attendees have engaging with a living composer.