Laura Kaminsky at American Opera Projects

Laura Kaminsky will be taking over the position of Composer In Residence at American Opera Projects.  The company, based in Brooklyn, NY, states its mission as:

to identify, develop and present new and innovative works of music theater by emerging and established artists and to engage our audiences in an immersive, transformative theatrical experience.

At any given time they have numerous works in progress and are always seeking to further expand not only the opera repertoire, but also to continue to reinforce the relevance of opera and musical theatre in the contemporary musical landscape.

Kaminsky is a natural choice for the AOP’s composer in residence position, not only due to her experience and the accolades she has received for her work, but also because of the social and political topics that often find their way into her works.  The first piece AOP will present since announcing Kaminsky’s appointment is As One, a chamber opera for two voices, explores the identity and self realization of a transgender person.  More information about the piece can be read in the press release.  The world Premiere is September 4-7.

Here is a video of Kaminsky from New Music Box about how she approaches the creative process.

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