First Listen: Missy Mazzoli

Missy Mazzoli, whose music is described as being “indie classical”, “chamber rock” and “pseudo-classical”, created her own five-piece ensemble in 2007 to perform her compositions.  Victoire consists of two keyboards, violin, double bass and clarinet – and all of the musicians are women.

Their new CD, Cathedral City, which is their first full-length album, is being released on September 28th.  However, NPR’s First Listen series is providing the opportunity to listen to the full album online before it hits the stores.

Mazzoli has also composed in more traditional forms, including These Worlds In Us, premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra in 2006, also performed by the American Composers Orchestra, and winner of the 2007 ASCAP Young Composers Award.  Steve Smith of the New York Times also featured her in an article in 2009, found here.

The video below is a profile of Mazzoli regarding her work and approach to music.