News (including some good news!) and music to start your week!

The NPR Show Jazz Night in America has an hour long conversation with bassist Linda May Han Oh, pictured above.  She speaks about her love of the form, her compositions, and what it’s like to be a woman working in jazz.  Read more at the website, or listen below.

Conductor Odaline de la Martinez speaks to Presto Classical about the life and music of Ethel Smyth.  Martinez has championed Smyth’s works for many years.  Read more at Presto Classical.

Radio New Zealand has a new series about women composers.  The first episode, available here, features music by Amy Beach and Florence Price.

If you haven’t already received word: the Women Composers Festival of Hartford has postponed the 2020 Festival in efforts to encourage social distancing.  Learn more at their website.

We are always looking for guest bloggers!  If you are stuck at home “social distancing,”  now is the time to share your views and ideas — about a favorite work buy  a women composer, your own experiences as a performer or composer, etc. etc. etc.  Get in touch at  [email protected]