Elsa Barraine (February 13, 1910 – March 20, 1999) was a French composer who worked in Paris just after the neoclassicist movement of Les Six, Ravel, and Stravinsky. Born into a musical family, she attended the Paris Conservatorie, and won the Prix de Rome in 1929. During her lifetime she was highly regarded, considered to be among the greatest French composers of the 20th century, but her music has largely fallen into obscurity.

During her lifetime Barriane worked at the French National Radio as a pianist, sound recordist, head of singing, and after WWII she also worked as a sound mixer. Her outstanding life story includes being an active member of the French Resistance as well as teaching at the Paris Conservatoire.

As we remember the life and work of Barraine, have a listed to her Second Symphony as performed by the French Radio Orchestra.