Vivian Fung: Canadian Composer with a Non-Western Sound

Vivian Fung is a contemporary Canadian composer known for blending Western musical forms with non-Western instrumentation. Fung began her compositional training under the tutelage of another well-known and often performed Canadian composer: Violet Archer.  Her interest in the non-Western soundscape has taken her all over the world listening and researching non-Western traditions.

Fung’s compositions span from large works to small—operas to chamber ensembles, instrumental as well as vocal.  She is often commissioned—her latest work, a concerto for harp, was premiered in February and will have its New York premiere at le possion rouge in April.  Follow this link to learn more about the piece, including an interview with Fung.

Be sure to stop by her website, with many samples of her pieces—and watch the video below for more from Fung about her compositional style and process.

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