Original Manuscripts For Sale

Robert Owen Lehman is selling his collection of music manuscripts. The collection, which is valued at $135 million, is currently housed at The Morgan Library & Museum in NYC. Lehman hasn’t officially announced what he intends to do with the profits from the sale, but has been very clear that the buyer of the collection must not be broken up, and it must always be housed in a public institution.

NPR has the story here.

Though I haven’t been able to find the full catalog of this collection (or determine if any music by women composers is included, The Morgan Library does provide a complete list of composers whose work can be found at the institution.

Included in the list are:

I’m going to keep investigating to see if any of the above composers are included in Mr. Lehman’s collection. Bur regardless to that, I’m excited to learn about these manuscripts being available to the public through the Morgan Library. If you have had experience looking at these documents at the Morgan, please share your experience in the comments section!