Monday Link Round Up: November 20, 2017

News to start your week!

There have been some particularly excellent pieces to come out of WQXR in!  Their list of Eight Classical Era Composers who aren’t named Mozart or Haydn includes Maria Teresea Agnesi Pinottini, Princess Anna Amalia, and Marianne Martines.

WQXR also included a list of works by Amy Beach in honor of her birthday in September – but the list continues to make the rounds. Read and listen in here.


Second Inversion, which invites readers to “rethink classical” has a new series about women in “new” music.  Read Reflections on Wilderness by Kaley Eaton and The Pure Cold Light in the Sky by Heather Bentley.


The Fall 2017 edition of The Kapralova Society Journal is now available to read online!  Don’t miss it here.