Monday Link Round Up: June 5, 2017

News to start your week!

The New York Times discusses the work of Meredith Monk – and the challenges in learning her music.  The vocal ensemble M6 will be reviving some Monk’s less performed older works this week.


Lisa Bielawa has created a new opera, Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s Accuser, which will be released online in a 12 part series being released online through KCET.  Learn more here.


BBC Culture has brought to light the forgotten history of Daphne Oram – one of the pioneers of electronic music.  Her work, Still Point, is believed to be the first composition that manipulates electronic sounds in real time.  Learn more here.


Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls – an dedicated to educating young people and sharing women’s voices – has an interview with film composer Heather Christian.  She talks about her experiences in composition and the film industry.  Read on here.


What did we miss?  What are you reading?  Let us know!