Monday Link Round Up: April 2, 2018

News to start your week!

The Women Composers Festival of Hartford is getting ready to kick off this weekend!  Learn more about this exciting and engaging weekend on their website – including lectures, premieres, and many, many hours of music!

Jessie Rosen, President and CEO of The League of American Composers, shares important thoughts about the problem surrounding the lack of diversity in American orchestras.  In thoughtful conversations with Chris Jenkins, Alex Laing, Gary Ginstling, and Cecilia Olusola Tribble they posit possible paths forward to be inclusive and representative.  Read more here.

Read Amy Bauer’s article about the music of Estonian composer Helena Tulve at Musicology Now, the American Musicological Association blog.

The Stage, which reports on theater in London, shares the conversations with women who are interested in more equality in the West End pit orchestras.  Right now, no show includes a woman musical director.