Germaine Tailleferre and Les Six

Germaine Tailleferre has the distinction of being one of the only women who are regularly remembered in Music History courses—even if it is only due to her association with a group of men.  Tailleferre, with George Auric, Louis Durey, Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, and Francis Poulenc, made up Les Six, a group of friends and composers who met at the Paris Conservatory and whose works were a reaction against Wagner and French impressionists.

Tailleferre composed actively from 1909 to just weeks before her death in 1983, though many of her works were not published until after her lifetime.  You can see a complete listing of her compositions here.  Her works include large and small forms—she composed many ballets and chamber works, as well as songs and other pieces for children.  Several pieces available on the public domain.

I admit to being quite partial to her compositional sound, but also deeply appreciate how hard she worked to achieve what she did, fighting back against her father and two husbands who did not support her music.  Her works are still available and performed, though not as often as they deserve.

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