We missed talking about an inspired concert that took place on March 8 – International Women’s Day.  Though you can find many concerts listed on the International Women’s Day webpage, it is surprising to see how many classical concerts are being held in honor of women, but don’t actually include any women composers.  (London Arte Chamber Orchestra – I’m looking at you.)


The idea for frauenkomponiert was first born 2013 and came to fruition this past Sunday in Basel, Switzerland.  The video on their crowdfunding page explains quite a lot of the inspiration an work that was done to make the concert happen.  The excellent programming and collaboration surrounding this concert is a perfect example of what an International Women’s Day event can be!

Their goals were to:

give a voice to women composers and recognition to their work(s)
spread our enthusiasm for these courageous women and their splendid music
contribute to the variety of concert programming and thereby enrich the music world

And I’m quite sure that the organizers can feel as if they succeeded.  The concert included Farrenc’s Symphony No. 3, Gubaidulina’s Impromptu for Flue, Violin and Strings, Hensel’s “Hero und Leander”: Dramatic Scene for a Singer with Orchestral Accompaniment, and Smyth’s Serenade in D.  

I do hope that this is the first of many such events, as there are many more works waiting to be performed!

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