Artist Profile: Johanna Beyer

The Performing Arts Department of the Library of Congress publishes a semi-regular blog titled In the Muse. The blog has great information featuring items that are held in D.C. and are available for perusal.

A Music Cataloger at the LOC, Laura Yust, was a recent guest-blogger and profiled Johanna Beyer (1888-1944). Please do read the full post available here. Though Beyer’s papers are at the New York Public Library, her presence can be found at the LOC through her interactions with teachers, mentors, and peers. Beyer was a student of Ruth Crawford, Charles Seeger, and Henry Cowell.

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Yust also provided readers with a link to more resources for those interested in finding out more about this little-talked about modernist composer.

Below is a video a performance of Beyer’s Music of the Spheres (1938).