Amy Beach at the Library of Congress

I had the opportunity to explore a bit of the archives at the Library of Congress when completing my Master’s thesis.  It was a thrilling experience – and one I hope to repeat when time allows, and research requires.  The LOC is such a treasure to any scholar or armchair historian who can request to see amazing documents and pieces of American history.  In addition to housing and caring for countless pieces of archival material, the LOC also does a wonderful job at educating the public, including a series of concerts and lectures.

On Friday, October 24 the St. Lawrence String Quartet, featuring pianist Pedja Muzijevic, will perform Amy Beach’s Quintet for piano and strings in F sharp minor, op. 67.  For more information about the concert check the LOC website (apparently the concert is already sold out, but rush tickets are available!)

While the LOC doesn’t hold Beach’s papers (they are at the University of New Hampshire), the LOC archives do contain quite a bit of material related to Beach’s life and work – including several manuscripts.  You can read a bit more about Beach at the LOC Performing Arts Blog, In the Muse.

For those of us who can’t make it to D.C. for the concert, we can enjoy the piece below:

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