AJ Rodriguez’ Master’s Recital!

AJ Rodriguez’ Master’s Recital is a fundraising event for Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy!

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AJ writes: “I was deciding on repertoire and I decided I wanted to end with a set of living female composers. While researching music that was applicable for my voice, I came to realize that the representation of female composers was/is lacking in the classical world.”  AJ decided to collect donations at his recital to help WPA in our work of making music by women more widely recognized and available.

The concert will be livestreamed here — it will remain up after the performance!

WPA works to expands the classical music canon and to promote and celebrate music by traditionally marginalized or excluded groups.  Our focus is on composers who identify as women, and the world of orchestral music.

Funds collected at this recital will support expanding our Website, and its informative content including a database of operas composed by women, https://wophil.org/500ops/   We will also be re-launching our grants programs that supports orchestras in programming works by women.  Some of the grants will go to ensembles performing music for voices or chorus with orchestra.  Another important program is music publishing, including vocal and choral works by Amy Beach.

Thank you for supporting out work, and thank you to AJ Rodriguez and Congratulations on your Master’s Recital!   Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible according to U.S. law. Our EIN is 83-4274435.