500 Operas By Women


March 7, 2022 – in honor of International Women’s Day, we are unveiling the latest version of this database!  These updates are by Kerry Lewis, a composer and opera devotee based in Santa Clara, California. Mr. Lewis’ music is available here. Thanks so much to Kerry Lewis for his extensive and detailed help.

The previous update, from 2019, was compiled by Dr. Penny Brandt, with information gathered by Christine Ammer (author of Unsung: A History of Women in American Music, first published in 1980 and now in its third edition). At that time Dr. Brandt provided this insightful essay “500+ Operas by Women: Perform one today!”

The database was originally compiled in the late 1990s by musicologist Melissa Blakesly, a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music.  Blakesly was a student of Prof. Karin Pendle, a pioneering and influential scholar of women composers. 

The page has always drawn interest on our website, and of course, it will always be a work-in-progress, since more operas by women continue to be unearthed, explored and created.  Be sure to let us know what we missed!  And volunteer to help with future revisions?? 😀 [email protected]

While we now have more than 500 operas on the list, we keep the original title as a metaphor, 500 as lots and lots that you want to hear and know, and we hope sooner rather than later!

NameNationalityTitleDate ComposedGenreNotes
Adayevskaya, Ella Georgiyevna (1846-1926)RussianZarya svobodï (The Fir Tree)18774-act operaNo complete performances are documented. The German title translates as "The Dawn of Freedom."
Adayevskaya, Ella Georgiyevna (1846-1926)RussianNeprigozhaya (The Homely Girl)18731-act operaNo complete performances are documented.
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianIl re pastore (The Shepherd King)1756Dramma serioThe date is uncertain.
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianUlisse in Campania1768OperaScore available on IMSLP - both a scan of the original score and a modern performance edition.
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianNitocri1771Dramma serioOnly fragments exist.
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianL'insubria Consolata1766Componimento drammaticoScanned score at https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b8427219k/f43.item
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianLa Sofonisba1765Dramma eroico
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianCirco in Armenia1753Dramma serioOnly fragments exist.
Agnesi, Maria Teresa (1720-1795)ItalianIl Restauro d'Arcadia (The Restoration of Arcadia)1747Cantata pastoraleLost
Ahlefeldt, Maria Theresia (1755-1810)DanishLa Folie, ou Quel Conte! (Madness, or What a Tale!)1789Comic opera
Ahlefeldt, Maria Theresia (1755-1810)DanishVeddemaalet (The Bet)1793Intermezzo
Ahlefeldt, Maria Theresia (1755-1810)DanishTelemak paa Calypsos Øe1792Opera-ballet
Alexandra (Moraru), Liana (1947-2011)RomanianÎn Labyrint (In the Labyrinth)1987Opera
Alexandra (Moraru), Liana (1947-2011)RomanianCriasa Zapezii (The Snow Queen)1978Children's operaBased on a story by Hans Christian Anderson
Alexandra (Moraru), Liana (1947-2011)RomanianChant d'Amour de la Dame à la Licorne (The Love Song of the Lady of Licorne)1995Chamber operaSix songs to verses by Etienne de Sadeleer. Piano, cello, and soprano. Score available on IMSLP (as of Sept. 2020). Although the piece looks like a song cycle, the title page says "Chamber opera."
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz (b. 1947)AzerbaijaniLegenda o belom vsadnike (The Legend of the White Horseman)19851-act operaRock opera, based on folk poetry. Duration: 45 minutes. Her publisher is Sikorski Musikverlage Hamburg, but this work is not listed in their catalog.
Allik, Kristi (b. 1952)CanadianLoom Sword River1982Chamber opera
Allitsen, Frances (1848-1912)EnglishBindra the Minstrel19122-act romantic operaPiano score available on IMSLP (as of Sept. 2020).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanLa Casa Disabitata (The Uninhabited House)1835OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanIl Marchesino (The Marquis)1834OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanDie Siegesfahne (The Victory Flag)1834OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanIl Figlio Pentito (The Repentant Son)1831OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanVecchiezza e Gioventù (Old Age and Youth)1828OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanDer Kanonenschuss (The Cannon Shot)1828OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanLa Fedeltà alla Prova (Fidelity to the Test)1826OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanElisa ed Ernesto1823OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanElvira1821OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanIl Prigioniere (The Prisoner)1820OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanL'Americana1820OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanUna Donna1816OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanLe Tre Cinture (The Three Belts)1816OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Amalia, Princess of Saxony (1794-1870)GermanLe Nozze Funeste (The Disastrous Wedding)1816OperaThere is a complete edition of her dramatic works by Waldmüller (6 volumes, 1873-74).
Anderson, Avril (b. 1953)EnglishEdward II19781-act opera
Anderson, Beth (b. 1950)AmericanQueen Christina19731-act .operaProduced at Mills College. http://www.beand.com/compositions.html#opera
Andrée, Elfrida (1841-1929)SwedishFritiofs Saga18993-act operaPerformed March 2019 by Goteborg Opera.
Anna Amalia, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar (1739-1807)GermanErwin und Elmire17762-act operaLibretto by Goethe. First complete modern performance at the Ekhof Festival in Gotha in the summer of 2009. Score published by Furore Verlag. https://furore-verlag.de/shop/produkt/759--AnnaAmaliavonSachsenWeimarEisenach-Erwin-und-Elmire-(1776)-/
Anspach, Elizabeth (1750-1828)EnglishThe Princess of Georgia1799Opera
Appeldoorn, Dina (1884-1938)DutchDuinsprookje (Dune Fairytale)19273-act children's operetta
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola (1807-1884)ItalianClara di Clevers1876Melodrama
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola (1807-1884)ItalianI Pirati (The Pirates)1843Melodrama
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola (1807-1884)ItalianFrancesca da Rimini1835Melodramaunperformed
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola (1807-1884)ItalianI Riti Indiani (The Indian Rites)1834Operaunperformed
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola (1807-1884)ItalianLe Avventure di Una Giornata (The Adventures of a Day)1827Melodrama
Archer, Violet (Balestreri) (1913-2000)CanadianThe Meal1983Opera
Archer, Violet (Balestreri) (1913-2000)CanadianSganarelle1973Comic opera
Arkwright, Marian (Ursula) (1863-1922)EnglishThe Water-BabiesOperetta
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchUn Clavier pour un Autre (One Keyboard for Another)1970Opéra bouffe
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchComédie Italienne ou Divertimento19661-act opéra bouffeDuration: 30 minutes.
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchNoé (Noah)1933OperaDuration: 34 minutes. This must have been updated later, because the original version was apparently a 3-act opera. Music available through https://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php#haut
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchLa Princesse de Babylone1955Opéra bouffeDuration: 110 minutes. Music available through https://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php#haut
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchCymbeline19632-act operaDuration: 105 minutes
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchCadet-Roussel1939Opéra bouffe
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchBalthazar, ou Le mort-vivant (Balthazar, or the Living Dead)1966Opéra bouffeunperformed
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchLa Cabine Téléphonique (The Phone Booth)19581-act opéra bouffeDuration: 30 minutes. Music available through https://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php#haut
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchLe Chapeau à Musique (The Musical Hat)1953Opérette enfantineDuration: 60 minutes. Music available through https://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php#haut
Arrieu, Claude (1903-1990)FrenchLes Deux Rendez-vous (The Two Meetings)1948Opéra comique
Austin, Elizabeth R. (b. 1938)AmericanThe Marquise of Ó: I Am One and Double Too2009OperaUnperformed, English or German. http://www.elizabethaustinmusic.com/marquise-of-o.-opera.html
Bacewicz, Grazyna (1909-1969)PolishPrzygoda Króla Artura (The Adventure of King Arthur)1959Comic opera for radioTelevised in 1960
Barberis, Mansi (1899-1986)RomanianCaruta cu Paiate (The Cart with Clowns)1982Opera in 3 acts, 2 tableaux
Barberis, Mansi (1899-1986)RomanianKera Duduca1964Television opera
Barberis, Mansi (1899-1986)RomanianApus de Soare (Sunset)1958Opera
Barberis, Mansi (1899-1986)RomanianPrintesa îndepartata (The Distant Princess)1946Opera
Barkin, Elaine (b. 1932)AmericanDe Amore1980Chamber mini opera
Bawr, (Alexandrine-) Sophie (1773-1860)FrenchLéon, ou Le Château de Montaldi1811OperaLost
Bawr, (Alexandrine-) Sophie (1773-1860)FrenchLes Chevaliers du Lion1804MélodramaLost
Bayon, Marie Emmanuelle (1745-1825)FrenchFleur d'épine (Thorn Flower)1776Opéra comique
Beach, Amy Marcy (1867-1944)AmericanCabildo19321-act operaPremiered in Athens, GA in 1945.
Beath, Betty (b. 1932)AustralianBalyet1990Operahttps://www.amybeach.org/music/works-list/
Beath, Betty (b. 1932)AustralianThe Strange Adventures of Marco Polo1973OperaRevised in 1976 and re-titled "Marco Polo."
Beath, Betty (b. 1932)AustralianFrancis1974Music dramaAs in, "St. Francis of Assissi." Apparently revised later and re-titled "Il Poverello." There is information on the composer's website. http://www.beathcox.com/the-purest-love-2/
Beaumesnil, Henriette Adélaïde Villard de (1748-1813)FrenchAnacréon17811-act opera
Beaumesnil, Henriette Adélaïde Villard de (1748-1813)FrenchPlaire, c'est Commander (To Please is to Command)17922-act opéra comique
Béclard d'Harcourt, Marguerite (1884-1964)FrenchRaïmi ou Fête du Soleil (Raïmi or Festival of the Sun)1925Opera
Béclard d'Harcourt, Marguerite (1884-1964)FrenchDierdame1941Lyric drama
Bellor, JenniferAmericanDuffy’s Cut20131-act chamber operaDuration: 20 minutes. Self-published. See jenniferbellor.com.
Bellor, JenniferAmericanChristabel20132-act chamber operaDuration: 45 minutes. Self-published. See jenniferbellor.com.
Bertin, Louise(-Angelique) (1805-1877)FrenchLa Esmeralda18364 acts
Bertin, Louise(-Angelique) (1805-1877)FrenchFausto1831Opera semiseria
Bertin, Louise(-Angelique) (1805-1877)FrenchLe Loup-garou (The Werewolf)1827Opéra comique
Bertin, Louise(-Angelique) (1805-1877)FrenchGuy Mannering1825Opéra comique
Bibby, Gillian (b. 1945)New ZealandSanctuary of Spirits1970Children's operahttps://sounz.org.nz/works/10245?locale=en
Bidart, Lycia de Biase (1910-1991)BrazilianA Noiva do Mar (The Bride of the Sea)1939Opera
Blahetka, (Marie) Leopoldine (1809-1885)AustrianDie Räuber und der Sänger (The Bandit and the Singer)?Opera
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanA More Perfect Union2004OperaThe Constitutional Convention of 1787 as seen through modern eyes with comparisons to recent history. Duration: 30 min. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanClara2-act operaAbout Clara Schumann. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanCyclops2013OperaDuration: 30 minutes. Based on Episode 12 of James Joyce’s Ulysses. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanEveryone is Good for Something1986Children's operaDuration: 40 minutes. "A tuneful pastiche of ragtime, blues and gospel traditions with a dash of modern dissonance." https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanLeopold Bloom’s HomecomingOperaThe text of Leopold Bloom’s Homecoming comes from James Joyce's novel Ulysses, and is the pentultimate episode. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanThe Miracle of Light2016Children's Hanukkah opera.The Miracle of Light includes song, dance, vivid projected visuals and instrumental accompaniment that incorporates beloved traditional Hanukkah melodies and new music. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanMolly ManyBloom1990OperaDuration: 45 minutes. A setting of the final section of Joyce's "Ulysses" that grants Molly something that Joyce denied her when he married her off to Bloom: Bond lets Molly be a prima donna, and gives her a powerful, stylistically varied and technically demanding soprano line. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanMrs. President2001OperaThe story of the first woman to run for President of the United States, in 1872. Victoria Woodhull was a true revolutionary who fought for women’s rights under the law. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanSirensOperaBased on Episode 11 of James Joyce’s "Ulysses," about Leopold Bloom, whose wife Molly, a singer, is carrying on an affair with her vocal partner tenor Blazes Boylan. https://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bond, Victoria (b. 1945)AmericanTravels1994Operahttps://www.victoriabond.com/artist.php?view=prog&rid=2057
Bottini, Marianna (1802-1858)ItalianElena e Gerardo1822Operaunperformed
Boulanger, Lili (1893-1918)FrenchLa Princesse Maleine1912-1918Operaincomplete
Boulanger, Nadia (1887-1979)FrenchLa Ville Mort (The Dead City)1912OperaThe opera's scheduled 1914 premiere was cancelled due to the outbreak of WWI. The world premiere was in 2005 in Sienna. Boulanger wrote the opera with her teacher Raoul Pugno.
Boyd, Anne (Elizabeth)AustralianThe Little Mermaid1978Children's operahttps://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/boyd-anne-little-mermaid/1824
Boyd, Anne (Elizabeth)AustralianThe Beginning of the Day1980Children's operahttps://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/boyd-anne-beginning-of-the-day/21726
Boyd, Anne (Elizabeth)AustralianDaisy Bates at Ooldea2012Operahttps://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/boyd-anne-daisy-bates-at-ooldea/26999
Boyle, Ina (1889-1967)IrishMaudlin of Papplewick1964Children's operaIn the pastoral style. Unperformed during her lifetime. A world premiere is scheduled for 2021 in Ireland by the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival. Darren Hargan prepared a performing edition from the composer's manuscript.
Brennan, ÉnaIrishRupture2021Mini-operaSponsored by Irish National Opera’s 20 Shots of Opera. Duration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AxVInyTdbg
Bright, Dora Estella (1863-1951)EnglishThe Portrait1911OperaThe manuscript may be lost, as most of her pieces apparently are. http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2002/May02/bright.htm
Bright, Dora Estella (1863-1951)EnglishQuong Lung's Shadow?OperaThe manuscript may be lost, as most of her pieces apparently are. http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2002/May02/bright.htm
Britain, Radie (1899-1994)AmericanKuthara1960Chamber opera
Britain, Radie (1899-1994)AmericanHappyland1946Operetta
Bronsart, Ingeborg (1840-1913)GermanDie Göttin von Sais, oder Linas und Liane18673-act operaPerformed only once at court in Berlin, with Bronsart and her husband accompanying on two pianos. The libretto survives, but the music is lost.
Bronsart, Ingeborg (1840-1913)GermanJery und Bätely18731-Act comic operaThe libretto, a singspiel, is by Goethe. A facsimile of the conductor's score, with many changes and mark-ups, is available on IMSLP. This opera was widely performed in its day.
Bronsart, Ingeborg (1840-1913)GermanHiarne18913-Act operaThe manuscript is in the archives of the Deutches National Theater in Weimar. Musicologist Melinda J. Boyd has prepared a piano reduction of it. This opera was very popular in its day.
Bronsart, Ingeborg (1840-1913)GermanDie Sühne (The Atonement)19091-Act operaThis opera was unsuccessful and was not performed again after its premiere at Dessau. It is said that the libretto was very weak.
Bruzdowicz, Joanna (b. 1943)PolishThe Penal Colony19721-Act operaBased on a story by Franz Kafka. Duration: 60 minutes. Revised in 1986. https://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/joanna-bruzdowicz/
Bruzdowicz, Joanna (b. 1943)PolishThe Women of Troy (Les Troyennes)1979OperaAfter Euripedes. Duration: 80 minutes. https://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/joanna-bruzdowicz/
Bruzdowicz, Joanna (b. 1943)PolishThe Gates of Paradise (Brami Raju)1987Music dramaDuration: 120 minutes. https://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/joanna-bruzdowicz/
Bruzdowicz, Joanna (b. 1943)PolishTides and Waves19922-Act opera-musicalDuration: 140 minutes. https://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/joanna-bruzdowicz/
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandGreenleaf1985OperaDuration: 43 minutes. For 8 singers and 5 instrumentalists. https://sounz.org.nz/works/10540?locale=en
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandThe Clio Legacy1991OperaDuration: 55 minutes. For female narrator, mezzo-soprano, SSA chorus, Maori women's chorus, orchestra. https://sounz.org.nz/works/10570
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandThe Woman at the Store1998Operahttps://sounz.org.nz/works/14904
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandThe Mansfield Stories19991-Act operaManuscript is at the National Library of New Zealand. Based on stories by Katherine Mansfield. https://www.sounz.org.nz/resources/8915?locale=en#loan-information
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandMiss Brill19981-Act operaDuration: 25 minutes. https://www.sounz.org.nz/works/15310
Buchanan, Dorothy Quita (b. 1945)New ZealandThe Daughters of the Late Colonel1-Act operaDuration: 33 minutes. https://www.sounz.org.nz/works/15275?locale=en
Buckley, IreneIrishGhost Apples20211-Act operaSponsored by Irish National Opera’s 20 Shots of Opera. Duration: 7 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5y0Lng0FtM&feature=youtu.be
Buckley, LindaIrishGlaoch20211-Act operaSponsored by Irish National Opera’s 20 Shots of Opera. Duration: 7 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A5w61DxIQQ
Burrell, Diana (b. 1948)EnglishThe Albatross19872-Act opera.Premiered in 1997. Duration: 90 minutes. https://ump.co.uk/catalogue/diana-burrell-the-albatross/
Caccini, Francesca (1587-after 1641)ItalianLa Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola d'Alcina (The Liberation of Ruggiero from the Island of Alcina)1625Comic opera in 4 scenesDaughter of foundational opera composer Giulio Caccini. This work is widely considered the first (surviving) opera written by a woman. Francesca wrote over a dozen other operas that are now lost. Performance materials for this opera are available at Primalamusica. http://www.primalamusica.com/contents/en-uk/d39_Page_39.html#p82
Caccini, Francesca (1587-after 1641)ItalianGhirlandetta Amorosa (The Love Garland)1621OperaCaccini wrote an aria, "Dove io credea" for this opera by Constantini. https://musictheoryexamplesbywomen.com/examples/dove-io-credea-le-mie-speranze-vere-complete-francesca-caccini/
Caccini, Francesca (1587-after 1641)ItalianLa Risonanti Sfere (The Resonant Spheres)1629OperaCaccini wrote an aria, "Ch'io sia fidele" for this opera by Robletti.
Caccini, Francesca (1587-after 1641)ItalianLa Stiava1607OperaLost
Caccini, Francesca (1587-after 1641)ItalianBallo delle Zigane (Dance of the Gipsy)1615OperaLost
Calosso, Eugenia (1878-after 1914)ItalianVesperoOpera
Canal, Marguerite (1890-1978)FrenchLe Pays Blanc (The White Country)OperaStarted in 1922 but never completed. Based on a Jack London short story.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchIda, ou L'orpheline de Berlin (Ida, or the Orphan of Berlin)1807Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchCatherine, ou La belle Fermiére (Catherine, or the Beautiful Farmer)1792Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchBathilde, ou Le Duc (Bathilde, or the Duke)1793Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchLe Commissionnaire (The Commission Agent)1794Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchLa Bayadère ou Le Français à Surate1795Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Candeille, (Amelie) Julie (1767-1834)FrenchLouise, ou La Réconcilliation (Louise, or Reconciliation)1808Opéra comiqueCandeille also was an actress and also wrote incidental music for various plays.
Carmichael, Mary Grant (1851-1935)EnglishThe Frozen Heart, or The Snow Queen1898OperettaBased on a Hans Christian Anderson story.
Casagemas, Luisa (1873-1942)SpanishSchiava e Regina (Slave and Queen)1881OperaInformation about the recovery of an original copy of the score can be found here: https://www.culturamas.es/2017/10/29/luisa-casagemas-y-la-opera-recuperada/
Casagemas, Luisa (1873-1942)SpanishI Brigante: Montserrat4-act opera
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchLa Femme de l'Orgre (The Ogre's Wife)1888Opéra-conte
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchScoop: état de Siège en Pologne (Scoop: State of Siege in Poland)1982Mini-opéra
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchIl était une Fois l'été (Once upon a Time in Summer)1976Opéra-film
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchNoctuaile1983Opera
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchIl Signait Vincent (He Signed "Vincent")1990Opéra-passion
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchOperaclown1992Children's operaDuration: 45 minutes
Cecconi-Botella, Monic (b. 1936)FrenchLe Triangle de Cristal (The Crystal Triangle)1992Children's opera
Chamberlain, NicoleAmericanRabbit Tales2011Children's operaDuration: 55 minutes. https://nikkinotes.com/RabbitTales.html
Chamberlain, NicoleAmericanScrub-a-dub Raw2010Comic operaDuration: 10 minutes. https://nikkinotes.com/ScrubADubRaw.html
Chaminade, Cecile (1857-1944)FrenchLa Sévillane1882Opéra comiquePerformed privately.
Chin, Unsuk (b. 1961)KoreanAlice in Wonderland2007Opera in 8 scenesPublished by Boosey & Hawkes. https://www.boosey.com/pages/cr/catalogue/cat_detail?musicid=57667
Chrétien, Hedwige (1859-1944)FrenchLa Cinquantaine19111-act comic operaPiano score available through the Hathi Trust digital library. https://www.hathitrust.org/
Chrétien, Hedwige (1859-1944)FrenchLe Menuet de l'Impératrice (The Empress's Minuet)18891-act comic opera
Chudova, Tat'yana Alexeyevna (b. 1944)RussianO Myortvoy Tsarevne i Semi Bogatïryakh (The Dead Princess and the Seven Heroes)1966-7Fairy tale opera
Chudova, Tat'yana Alexeyevna (b. 1944)RussianNa Derevnyu Dedushke (To the Village, to Grandfather)1978Opera
Clingan, Judith Ann (b. 1945)AustralianFrancis, or Singing Is Believing1986OperaMs. Clingan has written a number of other works with singing and acting that she describes with terms like "musical theater." http://judithclingan.net.au/about.htm#middle_earth
Clingan, Judith Ann (b. 1945)AustralianMarco1990Children's operaBased on the travels of Marco Polo. Ms. Clingan has written a number of other works with singing and acting that she describes with terms like "musical theater." http://judithclingan.net.au/about.htm#middle_earth
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchRaissa ou la Sorciere (Raissa, or the Witch)1952Children's operahttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchLes Musiciens de Breme (The Musicians of Bremen)1957Operahttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchLe Chant du Cygne (The Song of the Swan)19601-Act chamber operahttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchEnnuis de l'Existence (The Troubles of Existence)Operahttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchJulien l'Apostat (Julian the Apostate)1971Opera in 8 sceneshttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchCinq Scenes de la Vie Italienne (Five Scenes of Italian Life)1980Chamber operahttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchL'Albatros (The Albatross)1988Opera in 9 sceneshttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Clostre, Adrienne (1921-2006)FrenchAnnapurna1988Opera in 7 sceneshttps://musicalics.com/en/composer/Adrienne-Clostre
Coates, Gloria (b. 1938)AmericanFall of the House of Usher1962OperaThe composer's website (last updated in 2005) lists this work as unfinished and in manuscript.
Coates, Gloria (b. 1938)AmericanStolen Identity2012Operahttp://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2012/04/gloria-coates-stolen-identity/
Coleman, Ellen (1886-1973)EnglishThe Walled GardenOperaAccording to the "Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers," she wrote another opera also. Information about it is not readily available.
Daiken, Melanie Ruth (1945-2016))EnglishThe Playboy of the Western WorldOpera
Daiken, Melanie Ruth (1945-2016))EnglishMayakovsky and the Sun1971OperaCommissioned by the Edinburgh Festival.
Daiken, Melanie Ruth (1945-2016))EnglishEusebius1968Chamber opera
Daniels, Mabel (1877-1971)AmericanThe Legend of Marietta1909Operetta
Daniels, Mabel (1877-1971)AmericanA Copper Complication1900OperettaWritten for performance at Radcliffe, when she was a student there.
Daniels, Mabel (1877-1971)AmericanThe Court of Hearts1900OperettaWritten for performance at Radcliffe, when she was a student there.
Daniels, Mabel (1877-1971)AmericanAlice in Wonderland Cont'd1904Opera sketch
Day, Ashi (b. 1982)AmericanFor Whom the Dog Tolls2018Chamber operaDuration: 10 minutes. For soprano, piano, whistle, and duck call. www.ashi-day.com
Day, Ashi (b. 1982)AmericanThe Green Child2020Chamber operaDuration: 15 minutes. For soprano, clarinet, and optional narrator. www.ashi-day.com
Day, Ashi (b. 1982)AmericanWaking the Witch2022Chamber operaDuration: 75 minutes. For mezzo-soprano or countertenor and Pierrot ensemble. www.ashi-day.com
Dell'Acqua, Eva (1856-1930)BelgianPierrot Menteur (Pierrot the Liar)19181-act operettaShe wrote a total of about 15 operettas
Dell'Acqua, Eva (1856-1930)BelgianTambour-Battant (The Beating Drum)1900Opera/operettaShe wrote a total of about 15 operettas
Dell'Acqua, Eva (1856-1930)BelgianBachelette1896Opera/operettaShe wrote a total of about 15 operettas
Dell'Acqua, Eva (1856-1930)BelgianLa Ruse de Pierrette (Pierette's Ruse)1890Opera/operettaShe wrote a total of about 15 operettas
Dell'Acqua, Eva (1856-1930)BelgianZizi19183-act operettaShe wrote a total of about 15 operettas. Piano score of this operetta is available on IMSLP.
Delle Grazie, Gisella (1868-?)ItalianLa Trecciaiuola di Firenze (The Braid of Florence)1895Opera
Delle Grazie, Gisella (1868-?)ItalianAtala1894Opera
Desportes, Yvonne (1907-1993)FrenchMaître Cornélius (Master Cornelius)1940Opera
Desportes, Yvonne (1907-1993)FrenchLe Forgeur de Merveilles (The Forger of Wonders)1965Opera
Desportes, Yvonne (1907-1993)FrenchLa Chanson de Mimi Pinson (The Song of Mimi Pinson)1961Opérette
Desportes, Yvonne (1907-1993)FrenchLe Farce du Carabinier (The Rifleman's Stuff)1943Opéra comique
Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953)RomanianEréndira1991Chamber operahttp://www.composers21.com/compdocs/dinescuv.htm
Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953)RomanianSchachnovelle1994Chamber operahttp://www.composers21.com/compdocs/dinescuv.htm
Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953)RomanianHunger und Durst (Hunger and Thirst)1986Chamber operahttp://www.composers21.com/compdocs/dinescuv.htm
Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953)RomanianDer 35 Mai1986Children's operahttp://www.composers21.com/compdocs/dinescuv.htm
Dlugoszewski, Lucia (1925-2000)AmericanThe Heidi Songs1972Opera
Dlugoszewski, Lucia (1925-2000)AmericanTiny Opera1953Opera
Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953)CanadianJan Tait and the Bear2014Comic Opera/Chamber OperaDuration: 40 minutes. Narrator, mezzo-sop, baritone, 5 instruments. http://emilydoolittle.com/music/
Doderer, Johanna (b. 1969)AustrianDer Leuchtende Fluss / A Kind Of Yellow2010OperaThree acts
Dunphy, Melissa (b. 1980)Australian-AmericanThe Gonzales Cantata2009Cantata/operaLinks to videos of a complete, semi-staged performance can be found at this website: www.gonzalescantata.com
Duval, Mlle (1718-after 1775)FrenchLes Génies17364-act operaHer complete name is unknown. The original score of this opera is available on IMSLP. Apparently, this was only the 2nd opera by a woman to be performed at the Paris Opera
Eiríksdóttir, Karólína (b. 1951)IcelandicNago Hair Jag Set (Someone I Have Seen)1988Chamber operaPublisher information: http://shop.mic.is/OriginatorDetail/57696?Page=2
Eiríksdóttir, Karólína (b. 1951)IcelandicMadur lifandi (Man Alive)1999Chamber operaPublisher information: http://shop.mic.is/OriginatorDetail/57696?Page=2
Eiríksdóttir, Karólína (b. 1951)IcelandicSkuggaleikur (Shadow Play)2006Chamber operaPublisher information: http://shop.mic.is/OriginatorDetail/57696?Page=2
Eiríksdóttir, Karólína (b. 1951)IcelandicMagnus Maria2014OperaPublisher information: http://shop.mic.is/OriginatorDetail/57696?Page=2
Ekizian, Michelle (b. 1956)AmericanDavid of Sassoun1992Chamber operaDavid of Sassoun is the main hero of the Armenian national epic poem "The Daredevils of Sassoun." (Michelle Ekizian is Armenian-American.)
Ekizian, Michelle (b. 1956)AmericanGorky's Dream Garden2019Musical theater operahttps://mirrorspectator.com/2019/02/07/michelle-ekizian-paints-emotional-portrait-of-gorky-in-new-opera/
Eksanishvili, Eleonora Grigor'yevna (1919-2003)GeorgianProgulka (Druz'ya Lesa) [A Walk (Friends of the Forest)]1960Children's operahttps://hestories.info/early-christian-church-music-of-the-early-latin-secular-song.html?page=80
Eksanishvili, Eleonora Grigor'yevna (1919-2003)GeorgianLesnaya Komediya (Forest Comedy)1972Children's operahttps://hestories.info/early-christian-church-music-of-the-early-latin-secular-song.html?page=81
Elcheva, Irina Mikhaylovna (b. 1926)RussianSpartak1962Opera
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianEkkehard19264-act operaApparently completed around 1910. Ewart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianA Game of Chess1949OperaIncomplete. Ewart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianPepita's Miracle1945OperaUnperformed. Ewart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianMateo Falconé19332-act operaUnperformed. Ewart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianNala's Wooing19331-act operaUnperformed. Ewart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ewart, Florence Maud (1864-1949)AustralianThe Courtship of Miles Standish1931OperaEwart's manuscripts are held at the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne.
Ferrari, Carlotta (1837-1907)ItalianEleanora d'Arborea1871Opera - dramma liricoNote: There is also a 20th-century composer of this name, born in 1975.
Ferrari, Carlotta (1837-1907)ItalianSofia1866Opera - dramma liricoNote: There is also a 20th-century composer of this name, born in 1975.
Ferrari, Carlotta (1837-1907)ItalianUgo1857Opera - dramma liricoNote: There is also a 20th-century composer of this name, born in 1975.
Fine, Elaine (b. 1959)AmericanThe Snow Queen20032-act operaAvailable through Subito. More information available on the composer's website: https://thematiccatalog.blogspot.com/search/label/opera
Fine, Elaine (b. 1959)AmericanEmma20052-act operaAn adaptation of Howard Zinn's play EMMA. Available for free on IMSLP. Learn more at the composer's website: https://thematiccatalog.blogspot.com/search/label/opera
Fine, Elaine (b. 1959)AmericanSister Beatrice2006OperaAvailable through Subito. More information available on the composer's website: https://thematiccatalog.blogspot.com/search/label/opera
Fine, Elaine (b. 1959)AmericanThe Pen and the Inkwell2003IntermezzoS/T/B, violin, piano. https://thematiccatalog.blogspot.com/search/label/opera
Fine, Elaine (b. 1959)AmericanThe Women in the Garden1977Chamber operaFor 5 singers and 9 instruments. https://www.vivianfine.org/main/compositions.htm
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchMademoiselle Elsa2013Chamber operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi---op%c3%a9ra-de-chambre.html
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchIl était une Fois (Once upon a Time)1984Operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchPauvre Assassin (Poor Assassin)19922-Act operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchLe Dernier Jour de Socrate (The Last Day of Socrates)1998Opera in 6 sceneshttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchLe Clavier Fantastique (The Fantastic Keyboard)1999Children's operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchLà-bas, Peut être (Over There, Maybe)2003Opera for adolescentshttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchQuand un Enfant Voyage (When a Child Travels)2004Children's operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchJin Ping Mei20162-act operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Finzi, Graciane (b. 1945)FrenchPeau d'Âne2015Operahttp://www.graciane-finzi.com/graciane-finzi
Firsova, Elena (Olegovna) (b. 1950)RussianSolovey i Roza (The Nightingale and the Rose)1991Chamber operaPublished by Boosey & Hawkes https://www.boosey.com/cr/catalogue/ps/powersearch_results?composerid=2759&DL_ClassificationGroupIDs=14066
Firsova, Elena (Olegovna) (b. 1950)RussianPir vo Vremya Chumï (A Feast in Plague Time)1972Chamber operaPublished by Boosey & Hawkes https://www.boosey.com/cr/catalogue/ps/powersearch_results?composerid=2759&DL_ClassificationGroupIDs=14067
Fleischer, Tsippi (b. 1946)IsraeliAdapa2016Grand operaSung in Akkadian. http://www.tsippi-fleischer.com/compostage.html
Fleischer, Tsippi (b. 1946)IsraeliCain and Abel2002Chamber opera in 5 sceneshttp://www.tsippi-fleischer.com/compostage.html
Fleischer, Tsippi (b. 1946)IsraeliMedea1995Chamber opera in 7 sceneshttp://www.tsippi-fleischer.com/compostage.html
Fleischer, Tsippi (b. 1946)IsraeliOasis2010Children's opera in 4 sceneshttp://www.tsippi-fleischer.com/compostage.html
Fleischer, Tsippi (b. 1946)IsraeliVictoria2004Chamber opera in 4 sceneshttp://www.tsippi-fleischer.com/compostage.html
Folville, Eugénie-Emilie Juliette (1870-1946)BelgianAtala1892Opera
Fox, ErikaEnglishThe Dancer, Hotoke1991Operahttp://www.erikafox.co.uk/list-of-music/
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanThe Brownings Go to Italy1936Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanLittle Women1934Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanA Legend of Spain1931Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanFrithiof1929Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanJoan of Arc1929Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanA Christmas Tale1928Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanThe Masque of Pandora1928Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanPreciosa, of The Spanish Student1928Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanMassimilliano, the Court Jester1926Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanThe Chilkoot Maiden1926Chamber opera
Freer, Eleanor Everest (1864-1942)AmericanThe Legend of the Piper1922Chamber operaPiano score available on IMSLP. https://imslp.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_the_Piper%2C_Op.28_(Freer%2C_Eleanor_Everest)
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishThe Love Tests?Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishThe Shepherd of Cournouailles?Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishGraziella1875Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishGrass Widows1873Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishWho's the Heir1870Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishWidows Bewitched1865OperettaPiano score available on IMSLP. https://imslp.org/wiki/Widows_Bewitched_(Gabriel%2C_Virginia)
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishThe Follies of a NightOperetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishA Rainy DayOperetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishA Quiet Chateau1867Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishLost and Found1870Operetta
Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia (1825-1877)EnglishThe Lion's MouthOpera bouffe
Gail, (Edmee) Sophie (1775-1819)FrenchLa Sérénade (The Serenade)18181-act opera
Gail, (Edmee) Sophie (1775-1819)FrenchAngéla, ou L'atelier de Jean Cousin18141-act operawith Boieldieu
Gail, (Edmee) Sophie (1775-1819)FrenchLes Deux Jaloux (The Two Jealous People)18131-act operaFull score available on IMSLP
Gail, (Edmee) Sophie (1775-1819)FrenchMlle de Launay à la Bastille18131-act opera
Gail, (Edmee) Sophie (1775-1819)FrenchLa Méprise (The Mistake)18141-act opera
Gardner, Kay (1941-2002)AmericanOuroboros--Seasons of Life: Women's PassagesNeopagan operaDuration: 64 minutes. http://www.kaygardner.com/
Gardner, Kay (1941-2002)AmericanLadies' Voices: A Short, Short OperaOperaDuration: 11 minutes. http://www.kaygardner.com/
Garelli della Morea, Vincenza (1859-after 1924)ItalianLe Nozze di Leporello (The Marriage of Leporello)1924Comedia
Garelli della Morea, Vincenza (1859-after 1924)ItalianIl Viaggio dei Perrichon (The Journey of the Perrichons)1916Operetta
Garelli della Morea, Vincenza (1859-after 1924)ItalianIncantesimo (The Magic Spell)1915Operetta
Geddes-Harvey, (Anne Catherine) Roberta (1849-1930)CanadianLa Terre Bonne (The Land of the Maple Leaf)1903OperaLost, except for one song, "The Old Boys Welcome"
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanPriscilla1877Opera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanAbon HassanOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanThe Milkmaid's FairOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanThe Snow QueenOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanThe AndalusiansOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanTwo RosesOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanSakura-SanOpera
Gerrish-Jones, Abbie (1863-1929)AmericanAztec PrincessOpera
Gideon, Miriam (1906-1996)AmericanFortunato1958Chamber opera in 3 sceneshttps://composers.com/miriam-gideon
Giteck, Janice (b.1946)AmericanA'agita1976Ceremonial operahttp://janicegiteck.com/data/works.html
Giuranna, Barbara (1899-1998)ItalianHosanna1978Opera lirica
Giuranna, Barbara (1899-1998)ItalianMayerling1961Opera lirica
Giuranna, Barbara (1899-1998)ItalianJamanto1941Opera liricaIn the verismo style.
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianSappho1965OperaCommissioned by the San Francisco Opera for Maria Callas in 1963. It was not performed in its entirety until 2012. Complete recording is now available. http://sappho.com.au/
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianCarlos among the Candles1962Operaunperformed
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianNausicaa1961Opera
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianThe Glittering Gate1956Opera
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianThe Transposed Heads1954Opera
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990)AustralianCaedmon1933Opera3 scenes
Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)BrazilianDepois do Forrobodó1912Burleta in 3 actsMuch performed in Brazil. Piano score PDF is available here. http://www.chiquinhagonzaga.com/acervo/?musica=depois-do-forrobodo&post_id=2409
Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)BrazilianFesta de São João18841-Act operettaPiano score is available here. http://www.chiquinhagonzaga.com/acervo/?musica=festa-de-sao-joao&post_id=2422
Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)BrazilianForrobodo1911Burleta in 4 actshttp://www.chiquinhagonzaga.com/acervo/?musica=forrobodo&post_id=2419
Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)BrazilianManobras do Amor (Maneuvers of Love)1911Operetta in 3 actshttp://www.chiquinhagonzaga.com/acervo/?musica=manobras-do-amor-2&post_id=2408
Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)BrazilianZizinha Maxixe1895Operetta in 3 actsIncomplete. http://www.chiquinhagonzaga.com/acervo/?musica=zizinha-maxixe&post_id=2418
Gosfield, AnnieAmericanWar of the Worlds20171-act operaBased on the 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast. https://www.anniegosfield.com/compositions.html
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchAtala1888Poème lyrique
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchMazeppa18925-act operaPiano score available on IMSLP.
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchLa Forêt (The Forest)1875Poème lyrique
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchPiccolino18693-act operaLibretto, in Italian, available here. https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/010939338
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchLa Pénitente (The Penitent)1868Opéra comiquehttps://www.worldcat.org/title/sainte-agnes-drame-sacre-en-deux-parties/oclc/846360997
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchDonna Maria Infanta di Spagna1865Opéra comique
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchLa Comtesse Eva (Countess Eva)1864Opéra comique
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchLes Fiancés de Rosa (Rosa's Fiancés)1863Opéra comique
Grandval, [Marie] Clémence de (1828-1907)FrenchLe Sou de Lise1859Opérette
Grétry, Lucile (1772-1790)FrenchToinette et Louis1787Diverssement mêlée d'ariettesPerformed only once.
Grétry, Lucile (1772-1790)FrenchLe Marriage d'Antonio (Antonio's Marriage)1786Comédie mêlée d'ariettesA sequel to the opera "Richard Coeur-de-lion" by her father André Grétry. Performed multiple times in 1786-1791. The original score is available on IMSLP.
Grever, María (1885-1951)MexicanEl Cantarito1939?Miniature operaShe may have written more operas.
Grever, María (1885-1951)MexicanThe Gyspy1927?1-act Song dramaShe may have written more operas.
Grigsby, Beverly (b. 1928)AmericanThe Vision of Saint Joan1987OperaDuration: 18 minutes.
Grigsby, Beverly (b. 1928)AmericanThe Mask of Eleanor1984OperaDuration: 50 minutes. Tracks available on ClassicalArchives.org.
Grigsby, Beverly (b. 1928)AmericanMoses1978Opera
Gubaydulina, Sofiya Asgatovna (b. 1931)RussianEra Vodoleya (The Age of Aquarius)1991Oratorio-Opera-ballet
Gyring, Elizabeth (1886-1970)Austrian/AmericanNight at Sea and Day in Court1954Opera in two partshttp://library.newmusicusa.org/library/composition.aspx?CompositionID=90110
Hajdú, Júlia (1915-1987)HungarianCsak a Szépre Emlékezem (I Only Remember the Good Times)OperettaJúlia Hajdú wrote over a dozen more operettas and musicals. For many years, she was the most popular composer of light music in Budapest.
Halácsy, Irma von (1880-1953)AustrianSalambo1948Opera
Halácsy, Irma von (1880-1953)AustrianSchelmenerbschaft (Picnic Inheritance)1943Opera
Halácsy, Irma von (1880-1953)AustrianHerz Atout1923Opera
Halácsy, Irma von (1880-1953)AustrianDer Puppenspieler (The Puppeteer)1922Opera
Halácsy, Irma von (1880-1953)AustrianAntinoos19092-act opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseTsumi to Batsu (Crime and Punishment)19992-act opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseOn the Merry Night1982-3Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapanesePetro Kibe1991Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseNasu-no Yoichi1991Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseIwanaga-hime (Iwagana Princess)1990Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseThe History of Yosakoi-bushi1988Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseBeyond Brain Death1987Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseSonezako-Shinju1986Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseSute-hime1985Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseThe Case Book of Sherlock Holmes: the Confession1981Opera
Hara, Kazuko (1935-2014)JapaneseChieko-Sho1978rev. 1984
Harraden, R. Ethel (1857-1917)EnglishThe Lady in Pink1891Operetta
Harraden, R. Ethel (1857-1917)EnglishThe Taboo1895Operetta
Harraden, R. Ethel (1857-1917)EnglishHis Last Chance1890Operetta
Harrison, Annie Fortescue (1848-1944)EnglishThe Ferry GirlOperetta
Harrison, Annie Fortescue (1848-1944)EnglishThe Lost Husband1886Operetta
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanThe Glass Woman1989-93Opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanOur Giraffe2008Opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanThe Bee2003Opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanThe Venus Projectradio opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanThe Everybodydom1994Children's radio opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanTouch of Touch1989video opera
Hays, Sorrel (1941-2020)AmericanLove in Space1986radio opera
Heckscher, Celeste de Longpré (1860-1928)AmericanThe Flight of Time
Heckscher, Celeste de Longpré (1860-1928)AmericanRose of Destiny1918
Higdon, Jennifer (b. 1962)AmericanCold Mountain20152-act operaDuration: 2 hours, 20 minutes. http://jenniferhigdon.com/operaworks.html
Higdon, Jennifer (b. 1962)AmericanWoman with Eyes Closed20211-act operaDuration: 80 minutes. https://www.operaphila.org/whats-on/spring-2021/woman-with-eyes-closed/
Hill, Mirrie (Irma) (1889-1986)AustralianOld Mr. Sundown1935Children's operetta
Holmès, Augusta (1847-1903)FrenchLa Montagne Noir (The Black Mountain)18954-act operahttps://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kn8d
Holmès, Augusta (1847-1903)FrenchHéro et Léandre18751-act operaUnperformed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kn8d
Holmès, Augusta (1847-1903)FrenchLancelot du Lac (Lancelot of the Lake)3-act operaUnpublished. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kn8d
Holst, Imogen (1907-1984)EnglishYoung Beichan1945Puppet operaIn 7 scenes.
Holst, Imogen (1907-1984)EnglishBenedick and Beatrice19511-act opera
Hölszky, Adriana (b. 1953)RomanianBremer Freiheit1987Operahttps://www.breitkopf.com/search?besetzungsrubrik=GESANG&gattung=OPER&autor=H%C3%B6lszky%2C+Adriana
Hölszky, Adriana (b. 1953)RomanianHybris/Niobedrama for voiceshttps://www.breitkopf.com/search?besetzungsrubrik=GESANG&gattung=OPER&autor=H%C3%B6lszky%2C+Adriana
Hunt, Jessica A.AmericanThurso's LandingChamber OperaBased on a poem by Robinson Jeffers. The opera is in progress. For updates, see https://www.jessicahuntmusic.com/opera-blog/
Ivey, Jean Eichelberger (1923-2010)AmericanThe Birthmark19811-act operaBased on a Nathaniel Hawthorne story. https://www.worldcat.org/title/birthmark-opera-in-one-act/oclc/48172186
Jacquet de la Guerre, Elizabeth-Claude (1665-1729)FrenchCéphale et Procris16945-act operaScore available on IMSLP.
James, Dorothy (1901-1982)AmericanPaola and Francesca1933Opera
Jeske-Choinska-Mikorska, Ludmila (1849-1898)PolishMarkizde Créqui1892Operetta
Jeske-Choinska-Mikorska, Ludmila (1849-1898)PolishZuch Dziewczyna (The Brave Girl)1884Operetta
Jolas, Betsy (b. 1926)FrenchLe Pavillon au Bord de la Rivière1975Chamber Opera in 4 actshttps://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/50878/Le-Pavillon-au-Bord-de-la-Riviere--Betsy-Jolas/
Jolas, Betsy (b. 1926)FrenchSchliemann1983Opera in 3 actshttp://brahms.ircam.fr/works/work/13376/
Jolas, Betsy (b. 1926)FrenchLe Cyclope1986Chamber opera in 1 act.https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/50864/Le-Cyclope--Betsy-Jolas/
Jolley, JenniferAmericanKrispy Kremes and Butter Queens20121-act OperaDuration: 10 minutes https://www.jenniferjolley.com/krispy-kremes-and-butter-queens
Jolley, JenniferAmericanThe Bubble20131-act OperaDuration: 20 minutes https://www.jenniferjolley.com/the-bubble
Kaminsky, Laura (b. 1956)AmericanAs One2014Chamber OperaDuration: 75 minutes. Music available at http://www.billholabmusic.com/composers/laura-kaminsky/
Kaminsky, Laura (b. 1956)AmericanSome Light Emerges2017Chamber operaDuration: 80 min. Music available at http://www.billholabmusic.com/composers/laura-kaminsky/
Kaminsky, Laura (b. 1956)AmericanToday It Rains2018Chamber operahttps://laurakaminsky.com/work-list/
Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858)GermanDie Landpartie (The Country Party)OperettaAccording to Grove's, this operetta was never published, nor were her other stage works. See the entry in The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.
Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858)GermanDie Assassinen (The Assassins)LiederspielSee the entry in The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.
Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858)GermanDas Malzbier, oder die Stadt-Bönnischen GespensterLustspielSee the entry in The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.
Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858)GermanOtto der SchutzLiederspielSee the entry in The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.
Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858)GermanThemis und Savigny, oder Die Olympien in BerlinVaudevilleSee the entry in The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.
Kirchhoff, LeannaAmericanThe Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret2013Chamber operaDuration: 50 minutes. http://www.leannakirchoff.com/Music%20frameset%202010.html
Kirchhoff, LeannaAmericanThe Lady or the Tiger20071-act operaDuration: 60 minutes. http://www.leannakirchoff.com/Music%20frameset%202010.html
Kirchhoff, LeannaAmericanTo See that Red Thing Flow2017Mono-operaDuration: 30 minutes. Baritone, string bass, piano. http://www.leannakirchoff.com/Music%20frameset%202010.html
Kirchhoff, LeannaAmericanScrapbookers2015Micro-operaDuration: 14 minutes. http://www.leannakirchoff.com/Music%20frameset%202010.html
Kirby, Jenn (b. 1987)IrishDichotomies of Lockdown20211-act operaCommissioned by Irish National Opera's "20 Shots of Opera." Duration: 7 minutes. https://operavision.eu/en/library/spectacles/opera-digital/20-shots-opera-irish-national-opera
Klinkova, Zhivka (1924-2002)BulgarianVassil Levski1992Opera
Klinkova, Zhivka (1924-2002)BulgarianCyril and Methodius1981opera
Klinkova, Zhivka (1924-2002)BulgarianThe Most Improbable1980fairy-tale opera
Klinkova, Zhivka (1924-2002)BulgarianPetko Samohavalko (Boastful Petko)1956Children's operaShe also wrote other children's operas.
Korn, Clara Anna (1866-1940)AmericanTheir Last War1932Opera
Kralik von Mayerswalden, Mathilde (1857-1944)AustrianBlume und Weissblume (Flower and White Flower)1910Fairy play in 3 acts.
Kralik von Mayerswalden, Mathilde (1857-1944)AustrianUnter der Linde (Under the Linden Tree)Lyric opera in 1 act.Unperformed
Kralik von Mayerswalden, Mathilde (1857-1944)AustrianDer Heilige Gral (The Holy Grail)19073-act opera
Krzyzanowska, Halina (1860-1937)PolishMagdusia18941-act opera
Lachartre, Nicole (1934-1991)FrenchLes Grenouilles n'ont pas de Dents (Frogs don't have teeth)1984Children's mini-opera
Lachartre, Nicole (1934-1991)FrenchBabylone Malde, ou la Nuit du Thermomètre1981mini-opéra comique
Laitman, LoriAmericanCome to Me in Dreams20041-act chamber operaDuration: 50 minutes. http://artsongs.com/catalog/come-to-me-in-dreams.html
Laitman, LoriAmericanLudlow2012http://artsongs.com/ludlow/
Laitman, LoriAmericanThe Act20101-act operaDuration: 5 minutes. http://artsongs.com/catalog/the-act.html
Laitman, LoriAmericanThe Scarlet Letter2008 (rev. 2016)2-act operaDuration: 2:30. http://artsongs.com/scarlet-letter/
Laitman, LoriAmericanThe Three Feathers20141-act children's operaDuration: 83 minutes. http://artsongs.com/the-three-feathers/
Laitman, LoriAmericanUncovered20201-act chamber operaDuration: 90 minutes. http://artsongs.com/catalog/uncovered.html
Lambiri, Eleni (1882-1960)GreekTo Apokriatiko Oneiro (A Dream in Carnival)1913Operetta
Lambiri, Eleni (1882-1960)GreekIsolma1915Operetta
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanSilver Fox19791-act family operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanClaire de Lune19842-act chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanFrankenstein: The Modern Prometheus19903-act operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanA Wrinkle in Time19911-act chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanMrs. Dalloway19932-act chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanEric Hermannson's Soul19982-act Chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanBarnum's Bird20002-act chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanDreaming Blue20021-act family operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanEvery Man Jack20061-act chamber operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)AmericanA Wrinkle in Time20152-act operahttps://libbylarsen.com/catalog?refinementList%5Bcategory%5D%5B0%5D=Opera
Le Beau, Luise Adolpha (1850-1927)GermanHadumoth1890OperaUnperformed.
Le Beau, Luise Adolpha (1850-1927)GermanDer Verzauberte Kalif (The Enchanted Calif)1901fantasy opera
LeBaron, Anne (b. 1953)AmericanBlue Calls Set You FreeOperaDuration: 20 minutes. https://www.annelebaron.com/compositions1/blue-calls-set-you-free
LeBaron, Anne (b. 1953)AmericanCrescent CityOperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.annelebaron.com/compositions1/crescent-city
LeBaron, Anne (b. 1953)AmericanLSD: Huxley's Last TripOperaDuration: 51 minutes. https://www.annelebaron.com/compositions1/lsd-the-opera-five-scenes
LeBaron, Anne (b. 1953)AmericanSome Things Should Not MoveOperaDuration: 22 minutes. https://www.annelebaron.com/compositions1/some-things-should-not-move
LeBaron, Anne (b. 1953)AmericanSucktionOperaDuration: 40 minutes. https://www.annelebaron.com/compositions1/suckiton
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishBlood Wedding1992OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-1992-Blood-Wedding.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishThe Green Children1990Children's operaDuration: 90 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-1990-The-Green-Children.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishThe Story of Mary O'Neill1986radio opera for 17 unaccompanied singersDuration: 75 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-1986-The-Story-of-Mary-O'Neill.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishDawnpath1977Chamber operaDuration: 50 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-1977-Dawnpath.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishThe Wild Man1995OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-1995-The-Wildman.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishLight Passing2004Chamber operaDuration: 70 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-2004-Light-Passing.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishDream Hunter2011Chamber operaDuration: 50 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-2011-Dream-Hunter.pdf
LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947)EnglishTokaido Road2014Chamber operaDuration: 55 minutes. https://www.nicolalefanu.com/resources/programmenotes/1-Opera-and-Music-Theatre/1-2014-Tokaido-Road.pdf
Leginska, Ethel (1886-1970)EnglishThe Rose and the Ring1932OperaPremiered in 1957. https://www.encyclopedia.com/women/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/leginska-ethel-1886-1970
Leginska, Ethel (1886-1970)EnglishGale, the Haunting19351-act operahttps://www.encyclopedia.com/women/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/leginska-ethel-1886-1970
Lehman, Liza (1862-1918)EnglishThe Vicar of Wakefield1906romantic light opera
Lehman, Liza (1862-1918)EnglishSergeant Brue1904Musical farceVocal score available on IMSLP
Lehman, Liza (1862-1918)EnglishEveryman19151-act opera
Li, Shuying (b. 1989)Chinese/AmericanWho Married Star HusbandsChamber operahttps://www.shuyingli.com/opera-vocal
Li, ShuyingChinese/AmericanBloodlines2018Chamber operahttps://www.shuyingli.com/opera-vocal Duration: 30 minutes. Scenes workshopped in Hartford, CT and Norfolk, VA.
Lili'uokalani (1838-1917)HawaiianMohailani (Hawaiian Queen)1897comic operaDiscovered in the Hawaii state archives in 1978. Lili'uokalani was the last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian kingdom.
Linwood, Mary (1755/56-1845)EnglishThe KellerinOperaUnpublished
Linwood, Mary (1755/56-1845)EnglishThe White WreathOperaUnpublished
Lister, Linda (b. 1969)AmericanHow Clear She Shines2002OperaAbout the Bronte sisters. https://lindalister.com/?page_id=2
Lister, Linda (b. 1969)AmericanState of Grace20181-act operaDuration: 50 minutes. https://lindalister.com/?page_id=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uvi2Nm-cek
Loder, Kate (Fanny) (1825-1904)EnglishL'Elisir d'Amore (The Elixir of Love)1855Opera
Lomon, Ruth (Margaret) (1930-2017)AmericanThe Fisherman and his Soul1963Chamber operahttps://ruthlomon.com/compositions/
Lund, Gudrun (1930-2020)DanishSimple Johnny1991mini-opera
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishThe Numbered1965-74-act operahttps://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishIsis and Osiris1969Lyric dramahttps://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishLike a Window1976Operahttps://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishThe Goldfish Bowl1975ballad operaunperformed https://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishThe Waiting Game1973operaunperformed https://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1906-1983)EnglishInfidelio1954opera in 7 sceneshttps://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/elisabeth-lutyens/works
Lyadova, Lyudmila Alexeyevna (b. 1925)RussianDva Tsveta Vremeni (Two Colours of the Time)1986Opera
Lyadova, Lyudmila Alexeyevna (b. 1925)RussianShakhtyorskiye Nevestï (The Miners' Brides)1984Operetta
Lyadova, Lyudmila Alexeyevna (b. 1925)RussianPod Chyornoy Maskoy (Behind a Black Mask)1960Operetta
Lyadova, Lyudmila Alexeyevna (b. 1925)RussianA Countess from San Francisco1993Opera
Macken, Josephine (b. 1997)AustralianThe Tent2020OperaA dread-filled piece inspired by Margaret Atwood’s razor-sharp dystopias. https://www.timeout.com/sydney/news/four-female-composers-present-awesome-new-one-act-operas-on-facebook-042020
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishThe King of the Golden River1975Children's opera
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishThe Jesse Tree1969Masque
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishJohnny and the Mohawks1969Children's opera
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishThe Sofa1956-7Comic operaDuration: 30 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/12220/The-Departure--Elizabeth-Maconchy/
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishThe Three Strangers1967OperaDuration: 40 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/12219/The-Three-Strangers--Elizabeth-Maconchy/
Maconchy, Elizabeth (1907-1994)Irish/EnglishThe Departure1961OperaDuration: 30 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/12220/The-Departure--Elizabeth-Maconchy/
Madsen, PamelaAmericanLuminosity: The Passions of Marie CurieMulti-media operahttps://www.quintanwikswo.com/projects/luminosity-the-passions-of-marie-curie/
Maddison, Adela (1863-1929)IrishDer Talisman1910Operahttps://songofthelarkblog.com/2018/06/13/adela-maddison/
Maddison, Adela (1863-1929)IrishIppolita in the Hills1926Operahttps://songofthelarkblog.com/2018/06/13/adela-maddison/
Mageau, Mary (1934-2020)AustralianAustralis 17881987Music dramaWritten to celebrate the Australian bicentennial. Duration: 80 minutes. Music available here: https://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/mageau-mary-australis-1788/4568
Mageau, Mary (1934-2020)AustralianMighty Skity, or The Rabbit who Knew too Much19852-act children's operaMusic available here: https://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/mageau-mary-mighty-skity-or-the-rabbit-who-knew-too-much/4580
Manning, Kathleen Lockhart (1890-1951)AmericanOperetta in Mozartian Style1925-6OperettaAcording to this website, Rebecca Schultz Lanning is the leading authority on the life and works of Ms. Manning. http://kathleensonewomanjourney.blogspot.com/2014/03/kathleenlockhart-manning-1890-1951.html
Mannone, Maria (b. 1985)ItalianIl coro degli animali2011-2013Chamber operaDuration: 40 min.
For soloists, choir and chamber orchestra about animal experiments.
Manziarly, Marcelle de (1899-1989)FrenchLa Femme en Flèche1954Chamber opera
Marshall, Florence Ashton (1843-after 1911)EnglishPrince Sprite1897Fairy operetta
Marshall, Florence Ashton (1843-after 1911)EnglishThe Masked Shepherd1879OperettaOnly 1 partsong remains. Available on IMSLP.
Martinez, Odaline de la (b. 1949)AmericanSister Aimée: An American Legend1984OperaAbout famous evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944). Duration: 90 minutes. https://www.odalinedelamartinez.com/works
Martinez, Odaline de la (b. 1949)AmericanImoinda: A Story of Love and Slavery2006-2018Opera trilogyComplete trilogy premiered in February-March 2019 at the The Warehouse, London, as part of the 7th London Festival of American Music. The operas can be performed individually or as one. For more information, see https://www.odalinedelamartinez.com/works
Martins, Maria de Lourdes (1926-2009)PortugueseAs Três Máscaras (Three Masks)1984Operahttp://mic.pt/dispatcher?where=0&what=2&show=0&pessoa_id=107&lang=en
Martins, Maria de Lourdes (1926-2009)PortugueseSilêncio, Onde Estás Tu? (Silence, Where Are You?)1958Radio operahttp://mic.pt/dispatcher?where=0&what=2&show=0&pessoa_id=107&lang=en
Martins, Maria de Lourdes (1926-2009)PortugueseA Donzela Guerreira (The Battling Maiden)1995OperaDuration: 60 min. http://mic.pt/dispatcher?where=0&what=2&show=0&pessoa_id=107&lang=en
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishPrometheus1982Opera da camerahttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishApocalypsis1977Opera-oratoriohttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishDiary of a Fool1976Opera-monodramahttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishThe Mystery of Heloise1974Opera in 7 sceneshttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishHumane Voices1971Opera-oratoriohttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishJuliet and Romeo1967Chamber opera in 5 sceneshttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Matuszczak, Bernadetta (b. 1937)PolishCrime and Punishment2008Opera in 9 sceneshttps://polishmusic.usc.edu/research/composers/bernadetta-matuszczak/#manu
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanLincoln in the BardoOperaIn progress. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera in 2018. Based on the 2017 novel of the same name by George Saunders. https://operawire.com/composer-missy-mazzoli-on-working-with-lincoln-in-the-bardo-for-the-metropolitan-opera/
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanThe West is a Land of Infinite Beginnings2021Online operaPremiered by LA Opera. Libretto by Royce Vavrek, based on a scene from "Proving Up." https://www.laopera.org/performances/upcoming-digital-performances/west/
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanProving Up2017OperaLibretto by Royce Vavrek. A settler family struggles for survival in Nebraska in the 1870's. Published by G. Schirmer. 70 minutes. https://missymazzoli.com/works/proving-up/
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanBreaking the Waves20163-act OperaLibretto by Royce Vavrek. A young, religious Scots woman marries a Norwegian oil rig worker. Her marriage vows are put to the test after he is paralyzed in an oil rig accident. Published by G. Schirmer. 120 minutes. https://missymazzoli.com/works/breaking-the-waves/
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanA Flourish of Green2013Micro-operaBased on a story from Boccaccio's "Decameron." 7 minutes. Published by G. Schirmer. https://missymazzoli.com/works/a-flourish-of-green/
Mazzoli, Missy (b. 1980)AmericanSalt2012Mini-operaA mini-opera for alto voice, amplified cello and electronics. 23 minutes. https://missymazzoli.com/works/salt/
Metallidi, Zhanneta Lazarevna (1934-2019)RussianTarakanishche (The Cockroach)1992Opera
Millikan, Ann (b. 1963)AmericanSwede Hollow2012OperaDuration: 50 min. http://www.annmillikan.com/music.html
Moberg, Ida Georgina (1859-1947FinnishAsiens Ijus1945-6OperaIncomplete
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanAtlas19913-act operaA tale of travel to distant places, and return. Published by Boosey & Hawkes. https://www.boosey.com/cr/catalogue/ps/powersearch_results?composerid=100162&DL_ClassificationGroupIDs=14066
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanSpecimen Days1981Opera
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanQuarry1976Opera
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanEducation of the Girlchild1972Opera
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanVessel1971Opera epic
Monk, Meredith (b. 1942)AmericanQuarry1976Multimedia
Moore, Dorothy Rudd (b. 1940)AmericanFrederick Douglass19853-act operaDuration: 180 min. https://composers.com/dorothy-rudd-moore
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanFlutes of Jade Happiness1933OperettaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanLegend Provençale1935OperaUnperformed; orchestra score lost. Manuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanDavid Rizzio1928Opera in 2 actsPremiered in Los Angeles. Manuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanThe Flaming Arrow, or The Shaft of Ku'pish-ta-ya1922OperettaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanLos Rubios1931OperaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanHarmony1917OperettaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanThe Leper1912OperaUnperformed. Manuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanNarcissa, or The Cost of Empire19124-act grand operaVocal score available on IMSLP. Manuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanThe Oracle1894OperettaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Moore, Mary Carr (1873-1957)AmericanMemories1914OperaManuscripts available at UCLA. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft5489n71h/dsc/#ref15
Mulvey, GráinneIrishLa Corbière20201-act operaSponsored by the Irish National Opera project "20 Shots of Opera." Duration: 7 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhYCrWUWazQ
Munktell, Helena (1852-1919)SwedishIn Firenze (In Florence)18891-act opéra comiqueFull score, in manuscript, available on IMSLP.
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishThe Decision1965OperaDuration: 2 hours http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishSimon Bolívar1992OperaDuration: 2 hours 20 minutes. There is also a 2013 chamber opera version, 1 hour 45 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishHarriet, the Woman Called Moses1984OperaDuration: 2 hours, 10 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishAn Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge1981Radio operaDuration: 30 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishA Christmas Carol1979OperaDuration: 1 hour, 50 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishMary Queen of Scots1977OperaDuration: 2 hours 10 minutes. There is also a 2016 chamber opera version. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishThe Voice of Ariadne1973Chamber operaDuration: 1 hour 40 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishThe Mocking Bird2000Monodrama for baritoneDuration: 30 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishThe Abbott of Drimock1955Comic operaDuration: 50 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishPontalba2003OperaDuration: 2 hours. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928)ScottishThe Story of Harriet Tubman1990Chamber operaDuration: 1 hour 30 minutes. http://www.theamusgrave.com/works/
Negrón, Angélica AmericanThe Island We Made2021Video operaDuration: 10 minutes. Written in conjunction with Sasha Velour. Broadcast online by Opera Philadelphia. www.operaphila.org
Netzer, Osnat (b. 1979)IsraeliThe Wondrous Woman Within2011Comic opera in 2 actsDuration: 1 hour 40 minutes. http://osnatnetzer.com/project/the-wondrous-woman-within/
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968)AustrianBählamms Fest1998Animation Operahttp://www.olganeuwirth.com/works.php#works
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968)AustrianLost Highway2003Video Operahttp://www.olganeuwirth.com/works.php#works
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968)AustrianThe Outcast - Homage to Herman Melville2010Music theatre with videohttp://www.olganeuwirth.com/works.php#works
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968)AustrianAmerican Lulu2011Overall concept and new interpretation of Alban Berg’s operahttp://www.olganeuwirth.com/works.php#works
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968)AustrianOrlando2019Opera in 19 scenesBased on the Virginia Woolf novel. https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/staatsoper/media/detail/news/world-premiere-of-olga-neuwirths-orlando-commissioned-by-wiener-staatsoper/
Newlin, Dika (1923-2006)AmericanSmile Right to the Bone1941Opera
Newlin, Dika (1923-2006)AmericanThe Scarlet Letter1945Opera3 acts
Newlin, Dika (1923-2006)AmericanFeathertop1942Opera1 act
Norderval, Kristin (b. 1957)Norwegian/
The Trials of Patricia IsasaChamber operahttp://kristinnorderval.org/artists/the-trials-of-patricia-isasa/
O'Halloran, EmmaIrishThe Wait20201-act operaSponsored by the Irish National Opera project "20 Shots of Opera." Duration: 7 minutes. https://www.emma-ohalloran.com/opera
O'Halloran, EmmaIrishMary Motorhead2019Chamber opera.Duration: 30 minutes. https://www.emma-ohalloran.com/opera
Oh, Sook-Ja (b. 1941)KoreanWon-Sul-Lang (The Son of a Knight)1990Opera
Okoye, Nkeiru (b. 1972)AmericanHarriet Tubman20142-act operahttps://www.nkeiruokoye.com/harriet-tubman
Duration: 120 minutes. HARRIET TUBMAN is a two act theatrical work that tells of how a young girl born in slavery, becomes Harriet Tubman, the legendary Underground Railroad conductor. Based on recent Tubman biographies, the story is told in the context of Tubman’s tight-knit family of lively characters.
Okoye, Nkeiru (b. 1972)AmericanWe've Got Our Eye on You2016Operetta in 4 sceneshttps://www.nkeiruokoye.com/weve-got-our-eye-on-you
Duration: 80 minutes. Libretto by David Cote. Mock-historical comedy; battle-of-the-sexes farce; and social commentary that challenges today’s ‘hooking up’ culture. This work is intended for audiences from middle school aged students to adults.
Oliveros, Pauline (1932-2016)AmericanFull Pink Moon: Lunar Opera2000OperaLive-streamed in 2020. https://www.seangriffin.org/work#/full-pink-moon-1/
Oliveros, Pauline (1932-2016)AmericanIo and Her and the Trouble with Him2001Operahttps://popandmom.org/products/pauline-oliveros-ione-io-and-her?_pos=1&_sid=43d9fde85&_ss=r
Olivieri Sangiacomo (Respighi), Elsa (1894-1996)ItalianSamurai19453-act operaWife of Ottorino Respighi. This opera is unpublished and unperformed. At this link you can download a 2017 doctoral dissertation by Penny R.S. Brandt that has complete information about all of Elsa Respighi's musical works. See Appendix A. https://opencommons.uconn.edu/dissertations/1461/
Olivieri Sangiacomo (Respighi), Elsa (1894-1996)ItalianIl Dono di Alcesti19411-act operaWife of Ottorino Respighi. This opera is unpublished and unperformed. At this link you can download a 2017 doctoral dissertation by Penny R.S. Brandt that has complete information about all of Elsa Respighi's musical works. See Appendix A. https://opencommons.uconn.edu/dissertations/1461/
Oosterzee, Cornélie van (1863-1943)DutchDas Gelöbnis (The Pledge)1910OperaItalian verismo style.
Ore, CecileNorwegianDead Beat EscapementChamber operahttps://www.cecilieore.no/content/dead-beat-escapement
Ore, CecilieNorwegianAdam and Eve - a Divine Comedy2015Chamber opera + electroacousticshttps://www.cecilieore.no/content/adam-eve-divine-comedy-2015
Ore, CecilieNorwegianA. - A Shadow Opera2013Chamber operahttps://www.cecilieore.no/content/shadow-opera
Pade, Else Marie (1924-2016)DanishFar, mor og bØrn (Father, Mother and Children)1974Children's operahttps://www.kvinfo.dk/side/171/bio/906/
Paradis, Maria Theresia von (1759-1824)AustrianGrosse Militärische Oper (Great Military Opera)1805Operalost
Paradis, Maria Theresia von (1759-1824)AustrianZwei Ländliche Opern (Two Rural Operas)?Operalost
Paradis, Maria Theresia von (1759-1824)AustrianRinaldo und Alcina1797Operalost
Paradis, Maria Theresia von (1759-1824)AustrianDer Schulkandidat (The School Candidate)1792Ländliches SingspielAct 3 and part of Act 2 are lost.
Paradis, Maria Theresia von (1759-1824)AustrianAriadne und Bacchus1791MelodramaLost
Paredes, HildaMexicanLa Séptima Semilla (The Seventh Seed)1991Chamber operahttps://hildaparedes.com/compositions/the-seventh-seed
Paredes, HildaMexicanHarriet2018Chamber operahttps://hildaparedes.com/compositions/harriet
Patterson, Annie (1868-1934)IrishThe High-King's DaughterOperaUnpublished and apparently unperformed.
Patterson, Annie (1868-1934)IrishOísinOperaUnpublished and apparently unperformed.
Peel, Hannah (b. 1985)IrishClose20201-act operaCommissioned by the Irish National Opera for the "20 Shots of Opera" project. https://operavision.eu/en/library/spectacles/opera-digital/20-shots-opera-irish-national-opera
Pelegrí i Marimón, Maria Teresa (1907-1996)SpanishHerodes und Mariamne19842-act opera
Pentland, Barbara (1912-2000)CanadianThe Lake1952Chamber operaPremiered in 2014. http://www.firstnationsdrum.com/2014/08/the-lake/
Perrière-Pilte, Anaïs (1809-1878)FrenchLe Talon d'Achille (The Achilles Heel)1875Operetta
Perrière-Pilte, Anaïs (1809-1878)FrenchJaloux de Soi (Self-Jealousy)1873Operetta
Perrière-Pilte, Anaïs (1809-1878)FrenchLes Vacances de l'Amour (The Holidays of Love)1867Opéra comique
Perrière-Pilte, Anaïs (1809-1878)FrenchLe Sorcier (The Sorcerer)1866Operetta
Perrière-Pilte, Anaïs (1809-1878)FrenchLa Dryade (The Dryad)1870Opéra comique
Perry, Julia (1924-1979)AmericanThree Warnings1963Opera
Perry, Julia (1924-1979)AmericanThe Selfish Giant1964Opera-ballet
Perry, Julia (1924-1979)AmericanThe Bottle1953OperaBased on Poe's short story, 'The Cask of Amontillado"
Perry, Julia (1924-1979)AmericanThe Cask of Amontillado1953Opera
Perry, Zenobia Powell (1908-2004)AmericanTawawa House19872-act operaInformation about her compositions is available at https://bmrcprocessingproject.uchicago.edu/sites/bmrcprocessingproject.uchicago.edu/files/Finding%20Aids/Zenobia%20Powell%20Perry.pdf
Petra-Basacopol, Carmen (b. 1926)RomanianApostol Bologa19892-act operahttp://www.romanianmusiconline.com/Articles/CarmenPetraBasacopol.htm
Petra-Basacopol, Carmen (b. 1926)RomanianInimă de Copil (Child's Heart)1983Opera for childrenhttp://www.romanianmusiconline.com/Articles/CarmenPetraBasacopol.htm
Petrová, Elena (1929-2002)CzechKdyby se Slunce Nevrátilo (Suppose the Sun Did Not Return)1982-3Opera
Petrova, Mara (1921-1997)BulgarianPodranilo (Early Bird)Children's operetta
Poldowski [Wieniawska, Irena Regina] (1879-1932)PolishLaughterOperettaDaughter of Polish violinist and composer Henryk Wieniawski. Poldowski was a professional pseudonym. Here is a link to a doctoral thesis about the music of this composer: https://www.smimusicthesesregister.com/node/144
Polias, PeggyAustralianCommute2020Chamber operaPremiered on Facebook. https://www.timeout.com/sydney/news/four-female-composers-present-awesome-new-one-act-operas-on-facebook-042020
Power, KarenIrishTouch2020Chamber operaCommissioned by the Irish National Opera for the "20 Shots of Opera" project. Duration: 6 minutes. https://operavision.eu/en/library/spectacles/opera-digital/20-shots-opera-irish-national-opera
Price, Deon Nielsen (b. 1934)AmericanAmmon and the King: Immigrant Speaks Truth to Power2019Chamber operahttp://www.culvercrest.com/Culver_Crest_Publications/
Price, Deon Nielsen (b. 1934)AmericanThe Light of Man - and Woman1-act chamber operahttp://www.culvercrest.com/Culver_Crest_Publications/
Ptaszyńska, Marta (b. 1943)PolishOskar z Alwy (Oscar from Alva)1971Operahttps://web.archive.org/web/20081127133715/http://www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/composer/ptaszynska.html
Ptaszyńska, Marta (b. 1943)PolishMister Marimba19953-act children's operahttps://web.archive.org/web/20081127133715/http://www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/composer/ptaszynska.html
Ptaszyńska, Marta (b. 1943)PolishMagic Doremik20072-act children's operahttps://web.archive.org/web/20081127133715/http://www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/composer/ptaszynska.html
Puget, Loïsa (1810-1889)FrenchLa Veilleuse, ou Les Nuits de Milade (The Night Light)1869Operetta
Puget, Loïsa (1810-1889)FrenchLe Mauvais Oeil (The Evil Eye)1836Operettatext by Scribe
Radermacher, Erika (b. 1936)GermanDas Tanzlegendchen (The Dance Legend)1990OperaDuration: 35 minutes. In manuscript. https://www.musinfo.ch/en/personen/komponisten/?pers_id=572&abc=R
Ratkje, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup (b. 1973)NorwegianThe Solace of Orpheus2020Children's operaAn operatic experience for children aged from 0-3. Duration: 30 minutes. https://ratkje.no/2020/08/the-solace-of-orpheus-orfeus-trost/
Ratkje, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup (b. 1973)NorwegianEin Häppchen Noch (A Little Bit More)2011Chamber operaDuration: 20 minutes. https://ratkje.no/2011/12/ein-happchen-noch/
Ratkje, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup (b. 1973)NorwegianHøyt Oppe i Fjellet (High up in the Mountains)2011Children's operaDuration: 20 minutes. https://ratkje.no/2011/04/h%c3%b8yt-oppe-i-fjellet/
Ratkje, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup (b. 1973)NorwegianKorall Koral2009Children's operaDuration: 20 minutes. An opera for children 0-3 years old. https://ratkje.no/2009/06/korall-koral-a-baby-opera/
Raum, Elizabeth (b. 1945)CanadianEos: the Dream of Nicholas Flood Davin19903-act operaDuration: 100 minutes. https://elizabethraum.com/opera/
Raum, Elizabeth (b. 1945)CanadianThe Garden of Alice19832-act operaDuration: 110 minutes. https://elizabethraum.com/opera/
Raum, Elizabeth (b. 1945)CanadianThe Final Bid19801-act chamber operaDuration: 40 minutes. https://elizabethraum.com/opera/
Ravinale, Irma (1937-2013)ItalianIl Ritratto di Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray)1970Opera
Reese, Mona LynAmericanThe Three Fat Women of Antibes20092-act comic operahttps://monareese.com/three-fat-women/
Libretto by Thomas Hassing, based on a short story by W. Somerset Maugham. 60-minute run time. Coloratura soprano, lyric soprano, mezzo or alto, baritone, optional chorus.
Reid, Ellen (b. 1983)AmericanPrism20182-act operaWinner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for music. https://ellenreidmusic.com/work/p-r-i-s-m/
Reid, Ellen (b. 1983)AmericanHopscotch2015A mobile opera for 24 cars.Three 10-minute pieces. http://hopscotchopera.com/
Reid, Sally Johnston (1948-2019)AmericanHealing1986Chamber opera
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchVincent, ou la Haute Note Jaune (Vincent, or the High Yellow Note)1989OperaDuration: 1 hour http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchOmbres du Minotaure (Shadows of the Minotaur)2018Opera for shadow theater.Duration: 1 hour http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchLe Cosmicomiche2014Opera buffaDuration: 1 hour http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchLa Fusil de Chasse (The Shotgun)1998OperaDuration: 75 minutes http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchMédée2001OperaDuration: 1 hour 45 min. http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchLe Précepteur (The Preceptor)1990OperaDuration: 1 hour 45 min. http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Reverdy, Michèle (b. 1943)FrenchLe Château (The Castle)1986Duration: 1 hour 40 min. Based on Kafka. http://www.michelereverdy.com/pages/catalogue.php
Rigaki, Evangelia (b. 1980)GreekThe Gift2020Mini-operaCommissioned by the Irish National Opera Project "20 Shots of Opera." Duration: 9 minutes. https://operavision.eu/en/library/spectacles/opera-digital/20-shots-opera-irish-national-opera
Riseman [Raizman], Shoshana (b. 1948)IsraeliThe Brave Soldier Zweig1972Operetta
Riseman [Raizman], Shoshana (b. 1948)IsraeliThere is a Dragon in the Yarkon2017Children's operaPremiered in Haifa. Libretto by Michal Porat. The Yarkon River, in Tel Aviv, sponsors annual dragon boat races.
Riseman [Raizman], Shoshana (b. 1948)IsraeliThe Toledo Girls1992Opera
Riseman [Raizman], Shoshana (b. 1948)IsraeliOscar Wilde: The Rose and the Nightengale2001Opera
Rodrigo, Maria (1888-1967)SpanishLa Flor de la Vida (The Flower of Life)Opera
Rodrigo, Maria (1888-1967)SpanishBecqueriana1915Opera
Rodriguez, Marcela (b. 1951)MexicanLa Sunamita (The Shunnamite)1991Opera
Rodriguez, Marcela (b. 1951)MexicanSeneca1993Opera
Roe, Betty (b. 1930)EnglishA Flight of Pilgrims1993Operahttp://www.bettyroe.com/
Roe, Betty (b. 1930)EnglishCanterbury Morning1986Operahttp://www.bettyroe.com/
Roe, Betty (b. 1930)EnglishGaslight1983Operahttp://www.bettyroe.com/
Romero, Elena (1907-1996)SpanishMarcela1957Chamber opera
Rosselli-Nissim, Mary (1864-1937)ItalianAndrea del Sarto19313-act opera
Rosselli-Nissim, Mary (1864-1937)ItalianFiamme19153-act opera
Rosselli-Nissim, Mary (1864-1937)ItalianMax18982-act opera
Rosselli-Nissim, Mary (1864-1937)ItalianNephta18911-act opera
Rudman, JessicaAmericanTrigger20161-act operaDuration: 10 minutes. Written for Opera from Scratch. https://www.jessicarudman.com/product/trigger/
Rudman, JessicaAmericanMarie Curie Learns to Swim20181-act operahttp://www.mariecurieopera.com/
Runcie, Constance Faunt Le Roy (1836-1911)AmericanThe Prince of AsturiaOpera
Saariaho, Kaija (b. 1952)FinnishOnly the Sound Remains2018Two 1-act operasDuration: 1.5 hours. http://saariaho.org/works/only-the-sound-remains/
Saariaho, Kaija (b. 1952)FinnishAdriana Mater20052-act operaDuration: 2 hours. https://saariaho.org/works/adriana-mater/
Saariaho, Kaija (b. 1952)FinnishL'Amour de loin20005-act operaDuration: 2 hours. https://saariaho.org/works/l-amour-de-loin/
Saariaho, Kaija (b. 1952)FinnishEmilie2008Opera in 9 scenes.Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes. https://saariaho.org/works/emilie/
Saint-Marcoux, Micheline Coulombe (1938-1985)CanadianTransit1984Operahttps://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/micheline-coulombe-saint-marcoux-emc
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)Americanall decisions will be made by consensus2020Zoom operaDuration: 12 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/all-decisions-will-be-made-by-consensus
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanTaking up Serpents20201-act chamber operaDuration: 1 hour. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/taking-up-serpents
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanLooking at You20191-act chamber operaDuration: 90 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/looking-at-you
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanThe Infinite Energy of Ada Lovelace20191-act chamber operaDuration: 45 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/the-infinite-energy-of-ada-lovelace
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanA Rose20191-act chamber operaDuration: 15 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/a-rose
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanThe Wife20181-act chamber operaDuration: 12 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/the-wife
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanFormidable20181-act chamber operaDuration: 12 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/formidable
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanMonkey and Francine in the City of Tigers2018Children's operaDuration: 40 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/monkey-and-francine-in-the-city-of-tigers
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanThe Parksville Murders, Episode 120161-act chamber operaDuration: 10 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/the-parksville-murders-episode-1
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanThumbprint20141-act chamber operaDuration: 90 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/thumbprint
Sankaram, Kamala (b. 1978)AmericanMiranda20121-act chamber operaDuration: 75 minutes. https://www.kamalasankaram.com/works-list/miranda
Schonthal, Ruth (1924-2006)AmericanThe Courtship of Camilla19801-act or 2-act operaThe interview at this link has information about Schonthal's operas and their availability. http://www.bruceduffie.com/schonthal2.html
Schonthal, Ruth (1924-2006)AmericanPrincess Maleen19891-act operaThe interview at this link has information about Schonthal's operas and their availability. http://www.bruceduffie.com/schonthal2.html
Schonthal, Ruth (1924-2006)AmericanJocasta19972-act post-modern operaThe interview at this link has information about Schonthal's operas and their availability. http://www.bruceduffie.com/schonthal2.html
Schorr, Eva (1927-2016)GermanDie Katze des Königs1989Operahttps://ruh.ch/Die-Katze-des-Koenigs-Schorr-Eva_1
Schwendinger, Laura Elise (b. 1962)AmericanArtemisia2019OperaDuration: 1 hour 20 minutes. https://www.lauraschwendinger.com/
Scott, GeorgiaAustralianHer Dark Marauder2020Chamber operaPremiered on Facebook. Duration: 45 minutes. https://www.abc.net.au/classic/programs/new-waves/georgia-scott-her-dark-marauder/12602670
Scurria, Amy (b. 1973)AmericanPearl20132-act opera"Pearl" is based on Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. "Pearl" is a contemporary retelling of Hawthorne's novel with a libretto by the feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan and her son Jonathan Gilligan, and with music by Amy Scurria. https://www.amyscurria.com/pearl-the-opera
Scurria, Amy (b. 1973)AmericanAlice in Wonderland2-act comic operaCurrently in development, this opera is based upon Lewis Carroll's book, Alice in Wonderland. "Alice" is an educational opera intended for the whole family. With wit and humor, this opera will invite the audience to venture down the rabbit hole with Alice as she embarks upon a strange journey towards self-discovery. Libretto by Zane Corriher and Kelly Balmaceda, and music by Amy Scurria. Www.amyscurria.com
Sehested, Hilda (1858-1936)DanishAgnete og Havmanden1913OperaApparently never staged. There is some information about it in this biographical piece. https://www.kvinfo.dk/side/597/bio/1558/origin/170/
Semple, AnnaEnglishWhat lies behind the fog2020Chamber operaDuration: 30 min. Six solo voices with handheld percussion+electronics. https://www.annasemple.com/works
Semple, AnnaEnglishSeen2019Chamber operaDuration: 10 min. Two equal voices and mixed ensemble. https://www.annasemple.com/works
Semple, AnnaEnglishThe next station is Green Park2019Chamber operaDuration: 35 min. https://www.annasemple.com/works
Semple, AnnaEnglishI am not yours - Mother Nature2021Mini-operaDuration: 5 min. The piece was created in response to an open call from the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme for women composers and librettists to create an original art song for solo classical voice and piano of about 5-minutes. https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/i-am-not-yours-mother-nature-details
Sekacz, Ilona (b. 1948)EnglishA Small Green Space1989Opera
Serova, Valentina Semyonovna (1846-1924)RussianMarie d'OrvalOperaLost
Serova, Valentina Semyonovna (1846-1924)RussianIl'ya Muromets1899Opera
Serova, Valentina Semyonovna (1846-1924)RussianUriel Acosta1885OperaPerformed at the Bolshoi in Moscow.
Serova, Valentina Semyonovna (1846-1924)RussianVstrepenulis' (They Roused Themselves Up)1904-5OperaLost
Sfakianaki, Marielli (b. 1945)GreekThe Pagic Muper1988Opera
Sfakianaki, Marielli (b. 1945)GreekMinos1988Opera
Shatin, Judith (b. 1949)AmericanFollies and Fancies1981Chamber operaDuration: 55 minutes. https://judithshatin.com/follies-and-fancies/
Shatin, Judith (b. 1949)AmericanCoal1978Folk oratoriohttps://judithshatin.com/coal-piece-story/
Sherman, Kim D.AmericanHonor Song for Crazy Horse1994Operahttp://www.kdsherman.com/About.htm#Opera
Libretto by Darah Cloud. The epic story of the great Lakota warrior Crazy Horse and the last days of the free Lakota people.
Sherman, Kim D.AmericanThree Visitations - an Opera Trilogy1996Operahttp://www.kdsherman.com/About.htm#Opera
Characters on the cusp of self-realization unwittingly collide with elements of the fantastic–stray killers, beach ghosts, bed ghosts - and find their personal trajectories irrevocably altered.
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanJack Dunne’s Revenge19661-act operaDuration: 20 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanThe Odyssey of Ulysses the Palmiped (Odyssey 1)19681-act operaDuration: 20 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanOdyssey 219701-act operaDuration: 30 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanOdyssey 319751-act operaDuration: 30 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanShaman19871-act operaDuration: 50 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanWraecca19891-act operaDuration: 17 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanShivatanz19931-act operaDuration: 15 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanMass for the Dead19921-act operaDuration: 1 hour 5 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanApocalypse19942-act operaDuration: 1 hour 15 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanCriseyde20102-act operaDuration: 2 hours. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Shields, Alice (b. 1943)AmericanZhaojün: The Woman Who Saved The World20181-act operaDuration: 45 minutes. http://www.aliceshields.com/operas.html
Silver, Sheila (b. 1946)AmericanThe White Rooster, a Tale of Compassion2010OperaDuration: 37 minutes. https://www.sheilasilver.com/works/
Silver, Sheila (b. 1946)AmericanThe Wooden Sword20101-act operaDuration: 65 minutes. https://www.sheilasilver.com/works/
Silver, Sheila (b. 1946)AmericanThe Thief of Love1986OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.sheilasilver.com/works/
Skouen, Synne (b. 1950)NorwegianBallerina2017Chamber operahttp://www.synneskouen.no/verksliste.html
Smiley, Pril (b. 1943)AmericanElephant Steps1968Occult operaRev. 1981 as Up from Paradise
Smith, Alice Mary (1839-1884)EnglishGisela of Rüdesheim1865OperettaFacsimile manuscript piano score available on IMSLP.
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanDaisy1973OperaManuscripts may be available here. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanThe Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep1963OperaManuscripts may be available here. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanCockcrow1953OperaManuscripts may be available here. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanThe Gooseherd and the Goblin1946OperaManuscripts may be available here. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanThe Stranger of Manzano1943OperaManuscripts may be available here. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smith, Julia (1905-1989)AmericanCynthia Parker19381-act operaRevised as a 3-act version in 1985. https://findingaids.library.unt.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=98
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishEntente Cordiale19251-act opera
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishFête Galante19231-act operaVocal score available on IMSLP.
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishThe Boatswain's Mate19131-act comic operaVocal score available on IMSLP.
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishLes Naufrageurs (The Wreckers)19023-act operaScore available on IMSLP.
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishDer Wald18991-act operaPerformed at the Metropolitan Opera in 1903.
Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944)EnglishFantasio1892-42-act comic opera
Sonntag, DawnAmericanVerlorene Heimat (Lost Homeland)2013Mini-opera for solo sopranohttps://www.dawnsonntag.com/works.html Verlorene Heimat is the true story of a Nazi-resisting German family in East Prussia during the last months of WW II and the Jewish-Ukrainian girl they sheltered. It is accessible to college and university groups and includes a chorus and optional children's roles.
Sonntag, DawnAmericanEvangeline2017Chamber operahttps://www.dawnsonntag.com/works.html Evangeline, a ten-minute opera for solo soprano and piano, is based on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem, "Evangeline," which tells the story of a young Acadian woman's experience as a displaced, homeless immigrant who traverses the United States seeking her fiance, from whom she was separated during the brutal British expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia in 1755. In this opera, the now-elderly but ever-passionate Evangeline reflects upon her life as she stands at the grave of her beloved Gabriel, whom she discovered dying alone in a Philadelphia hospital for the poor where she was working as a volunteer.
Sonntag, DawnAmericanCoal Creek20211-act operahttps://www.dawnsonntag.com/works.html This historical opera was inspired by the individuals who lived and worked at the Coal Creek gold mine in remote east-central Alaska during the 1930's. It ties together stories from the mining, National Park, and native Han communities.
Steinberg, Carolyn (b. 1956)AmericanCors de Chasse (Hunting Horns)1990Chamber opera
Steiner, Emma Roberto (1850-1928)AmericanThe Burra Pundit1907Light operahttps://songofthelarkblog.com/2018/03/07/emma-steiner-conductor-composer-miner/
Steiner, Emma Roberto (1850-1928)AmericanThe Man from Paris1900Opéra bouffehttps://songofthelarkblog.com/2018/03/07/emma-steiner-conductor-composer-miner/
Steiner, Emma Roberto (1850-1928)AmericanFleurette1877Comic operahttps://songofthelarkblog.com/2018/03/07/emma-steiner-conductor-composer-miner/
Stirling, Elizabeth (1819-1895)EnglishBleakmoor for CopseleighChamber operaUnpublished. https://www.sophie-drinker-institut.de/stirling-elizabeth
Stocker, Stella (1858-1925)AmericanBeulahOperetta
Stocker, Stella (1858-1925)AmericanQueen of HeartsOperetta
Stocker, Stella (1858-1925)AmericanGanymedeOperetta
Stocker, Stella (1858-1925)AmericanRaoulOperetta
Sutherland, Margaret (1897-1984)AustralianYoung Kabbarli19651-act chamber operahttps://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/sutherland-margaret-young-kabbarli/6903
Svanidze, Natela Damianovna (b. 1926)GeorgianGaul-Gavkhe1987OperaUnperformed
Swain, Freda (1902-1985)EnglishSecond Chance1955Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianDalma1953Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianA Makrancos Királylány (The Stubborn Princess)1955Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianFirenzei Tragédie (The Florentine Tragedy)1957Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianAz Aranyszárnyú Méhecske (The Little Bee with the Golden Wing)1974Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianA Gay Lament1979Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianThe Truth-telling Shepherd1979Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianBreak of Transmission1980Opera
Szonyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)HungarianElfrida1985Opera
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchLe Maître (The Master)1959Chamber operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchLa Petite Sirène (The Little Mermaid)1957Operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchLa Fille d'Opéra (The Opera Girl)1955Chamber operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchLe Bel Ambitieux1955Chamber operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchMonsieur Petitpois Achète un Château (Monsieur Petitpois Buys a Castle)1955Chamber operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchLa Pauvre Eugénie (Poor Eugenie)1955Chamber operahttps://www.billaudot.com/en/catalog.php?cs=1&dox=Germaine%20Tailleferre
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchIl était un Petit Navire (It Was a Small Ship)1951Opéra comique
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchParfums (Perfumes)1951Comédie musicale
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)FrenchZoulaïna1931Opéra comique
Talma, Louise (1906-1996)AmericanThe Alcestiad1962OperaLibretto by Thornton Wilder. Information about the opera is in this interview. http://www.bruceduffie.com/talma.html
Tate, Phyllis (1911-1987)EnglishTwice in a Blue Moon1969Children's operahttps://www.phyllis-tate.com/music-for-schools-and-young-people.html Published by OUP.
Tate, Phyllis (1911-1987)EnglishDark Pilgrimage1963Television operaUnpublished. Original score in BBC Music Library, email [email protected] for further information.
Score held in the British Music Collection at Heritage Quay, University of Huddersfield. Score not currently available online
Tate, Phyllis (1911-1987)EnglishThe Lodger1960OperaPublished by OUP. Based on a 1913 novel about the "Jack the Ripper" murders. https://www.phyllis-tate.com/operas.html
Temple, AlexAmericanThree Principles of Noir2018Monodramahttps://alextemplemusic.com/2018/09/three-principles-of-noir/
Tesori, Jeanine (b. 1961)AmericanGroundedOperaIn progress. Commissioned in 2018 by the Metropolitan Opera. Based on a play by George Brant. https://www.theatermania.com/new-york-city-theater/news/grounded-opera-jeanine-tesori-the-met_86490.html
Tesori, Jeanine (b. 1961)AmericanBlue2019OperaCommissioned by Glimmerglass Opera. Libretto by Tazewell Thompson. In March 2020 it was announced that G. Schirmer would publish Tesori's operatic works.
Tesori, Jeanine (b. 1961)AmericanA Blizzard on Marblehead Neck2011OperaPremiered by Glimmerglass Opera. Libretto by Tony Kushner. In March 2020 it was announced that G. Schirmer would publish Tesori's operatic works.
Tesori, Jeanine (b. 1961)AmericanThe Lion, the Unicorn and Me2013Children's operaPremiered by Washington National Opera. Libretto by J.D. McClatchy. In March 2020 it was announced that G. Schirmer would publish Tesori's operatic works.
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchNedgeya1880Operetta
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLe Mariage de Tabarin, ou La Congiura di Chevreuse18762-act opera
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchJudithTragédie lyrique
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLa Pomme de Turquie18571-act operettaPiano/vocal score available on IMSLP.
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchQuand Dieu est dans le Ménage, Dieu le Garde (When God is in the Household, God Keeps It)1860Operetta
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLa Perruque du Bailli (The Bailiff's Wig)1860Operetta
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLe Roi de Cocagne (The King of Cocagne)18622-act opéra-comique
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchManette1865Opéra-comique
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLe Cabaret du Pot-cassé18782-act operetta
Thys, Pauline-Marie-Elisa (1836-1909)FrenchLe Fruit Vert (The Green Fruit)3-act opéra-comique
Trimble, Joan (1915-2000)IrishBlind Raftery1957TV opera in 2 sceneshttps://www.cmc.ie/music/blind-raftery
Tyrrell, Agnes (1846-1883)Czech-AustrianBertran de Born2-act operaunperformed
Uccelli, Carolina (1810-1885)ItalianAnna di Resburgo1832Melodrama
Uccelli, Carolina (1810-1885)ItalianSaul1830Sacred opera
Ulehla, Ludmila (1923-2009)AmericanSybil of the American Revolution1993Chamber operaAn opera about Sybil Ludington, a hero of the American Revolution.
Urreta, Alicia (1930-1986)MexicanRomance de Doña Balada1972Chamber operaPremiered in 1974.
Urreta, Alicia (1930-1986)MexicanEl Espejo Encantado1985
Urteaga, Irma (b. 1929)ArgentineLa Maldolida1990Chamber operaRevised in 2002. Duration: 45 minutes. http://www.musicaclasicaargentina.com/urteaga/opera.htm
van Reky, Bree (b. 1978)AustralianThe Invisible Bird2020Chamber operaPremiered on Facebook. https://www.timeout.com/sydney/news/four-female-composers-present-awesome-new-one-act-operas-on-facebook-042020
Veysberg, Yuliya Lazarevna (1878-1942)RussianMyortvaya Tsarevna (The Dead Princess)1937Radio opera
Veysberg, Yuliya Lazarevna (1878-1942)RussianGusi-lebedi (Geese-Swans)1937Children's opera
Veysberg, Yuliya Lazarevna (1878-1942)RussianZaykin Dom (A Little Rabbit's House)1937Children's opera
Veysberg, Yuliya Lazarevna (1878-1942)RussianGyul'nara1935Opera
Veysberg, Yuliya Lazarevna (1878-1942)RussianRusalochka (The Little Mermaid)1923Opera
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)FrenchCendrillon1904Opéra comiquePiano/vocal score available on IMSLP.
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)FrenchLe Conte de Fées (A Fairy Tale)1879Operetta
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)FrenchLe Dernier Sorcier (The Last Sorcerer)1869Operetta
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)FrenchL'ogre (The Ogre)1868Operetta
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)FrenchTrop de Femmes (Too Many Women)1867Operetta
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchSur le Pont d'Avignon (On the Bridge of Avignon)19371-act opera
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchPiège d'Amour (The Love Trap)1905Fantaisie-lyrique
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchArlette19043-act operettaPiano/vocal score available on IMSLP.
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchAladin1904Opera in 15 tableaux
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchLa Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty)1902Opera
Vieu, Jane (1871-1955)FrenchMadame Tallien, ou Thérésa Cabarrus19015-act opera
Vito-Devaux, Bertha di (1915-2005)BelgianAbigail1951Opéra
Vito-Devaux, Bertha di (1915-2005)BelgianGrétry1975Opéra comique
Vito-Devaux, Bertha di (1915-2005)BelgianMagda: L'Ange dans les Ténèbres (Magda: The Angel in Darkness)1961Opéra-ballet
Vito-Devaux, Bertha di (1915-2005)BelgianLes Amants de Sestos (The Lovers of Sestos)1949Drame lyrique
Vito-Devaux, Bertha di (1915-2005)BelgianLa Malibran1944Opéra romantique
Vorlová, Sláva (1894-1973)CzechZlaté Ptáce (The Golden Bird)1950Fairy-tale operahttp://www.kapralova.org/VORLOVA.htm
Vorlová, Sláva (1894-1973)CzechDva Svety (Two Worlds)1958Operahttp://www.kapralova.org/VORLOVA.htm
Vorlová, Sláva (1894-1973)CzechNáchodská Kasace (Náchod cassation)1955Historical operahttp://www.kapralova.org/VORLOVA.htm
Vorlová, Sláva (1894-1973)CzechRozmarynka1952Folk operahttp://www.kapralova.org/VORLOVA.htm
Wallach, Joelle (b. 1946)AmericanKing's 12 Moons19891-act chamber operahttp://joellewallach.com/composition/the-kings-twelve-moons-2/
Walpurgis, Maria Antonia (1724-1780)GermanIl Trionfo della Fedeltà (The Triumph of Fidelity)1754OperaFacsimile manuscript score available on IMSLP.
Walpurgis, Maria Antonia (1724-1780)GermanTalestri, Regina delle Amazoni (Talestri, Queen of the Amazons)1760OperaFacsimile manuscript score available on IMSLP.
Walshe, Jennifer (b. 1974)IrishLibris Solar2020Mini-operaCommissioned by the Irish National Opera project "20 Shots of Opera." Duration: 8 minutes. https://operavision.eu/en/library/spectacles/opera-digital/20-shots-opera-irish-national-opera
Walshe, Jennifer (b. 1974)IrishTraining Is the Opposite2014Chamber operaFor mezzo-soprano, string quartet, electronics, and film. https://www.icareifyoulisten.com/2014/08/size-zero-opera-women-box-london/
Wandall, Tekla Griebel (1866-1940)DanishDon Juan de Marana1886Operahttps://www.kvinfo.dk/side/597/bio/957/origin/170/
Wandall, Tekla Griebel (1866-1940)DanishSkjøn Karen (Beautiful Karen)1895Operahttps://www.kvinfo.dk/side/597/bio/957/origin/170/
Wandall, Tekla Griebel (1866-1940)DanishHrane1924Operahttps://www.kvinfo.dk/side/597/bio/957/origin/170/
Warshauer, MeiraAmericanElijah's Violin20191-act chamber opera5 scenes, 1-hour duration. Story based on a Jewish folk tale. Four or five soloists, children's choir; flute, violin, cello, piano. See elijahsviolin.com.
Watkins, Mary D. (b. 1939)AmericanEmmett Till, The Opera2020OperaPremiere was scheduled for 2020 but delayed to 2021 due to Coronavirus. www.marydwatkins.com
Watkins, Mary D. (b. 1939)AmericanDark River: The Fannie Lou Hamer Story20092-act operaHamer was a leader of the civil rights movement. www.marydwatkins.com
Watkins, Mary D. (b. 1939)AmericanQueen Clara2005OperaAbout radical feminist Clara Barton. www.marydwatkins.com
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishArmida2005OperaDuration: 50 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/34840/Armida--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishBlond Eckbert1993OperaDuration: 1 hour 50 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/2730/Blond-Eckbert--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishBlond Eckbert (Pocket Version)2006OperaDuration: 1 hour. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/34906/Blond-Eckbert-pocket-version--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishA Night at the Chinese Opera1987OperaDuration: 1 hour 50 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/2748/A-Night-at-the-Chinese-Opera--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishMiss Fortune2011OperaDuration: 1.5 hours. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/43308/Miss-Fortune--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishScipio's Dream1991Opera for TelevisionDuration: 30 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/12745/Scipios-Dream--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishThe Black Spider20093-act operaDuration: 1 hour, 15 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/42819/The-Black-Spider-Hamburg-version--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishThe Vanishing Bridegroom1990OperaDuration: 1 hour 30 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/2761/The-Vanishing-Bridegroom--Judith-Weir/
Weir, Judith (b. 1954)EnglishThe Vanishing Bridegroom (Chamber Version)1990OperaDuration: 1 hour 30 minutes. https://www.wisemusicclassical.com/work/57568/The-Vanishing-Bridegroom-Chamber-version--Judith-Weir/
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandTristan and Iseult1976OperaDuration: 65 minutes. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandThe Tinker's Curse1979Children's operaDuration: 70 minutes. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandThe King of the Other Country1983OperaDuration: 90 minutes. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandThe Pirate Moon1986OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandBride of Fortune1988OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandArt of Pizza1995OperaDuration: 2 hours. Unperformed. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandOutrageous Fortune1998OperaDuration: 2 hours. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Whitehead, Gillian (b. 1941)New ZealandIris Dreaming2016Chamber operaDuration: 40 minutes. https://www.gillianwhitehead.co.nz/music/opera.html
Wiemann, BethAmericanYoung Charlotte2017MonodramaDuration: 10 minutes. https://bethwiemann.com/compositions-by-genre/
Wiemann, BethAmericanUntil the War is Over20191-act operahttps://bethwiemann.com/until-the-war-is-over/
Wiemann, BethAmericanDeeds2002Chamber Operahttps://bethwiemann.com/compositions-by-genre/
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishJunker Nils1982Children's operaText by Astrid Lindgren. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishDen Fredlöse (The Outlawed)19862-act operaText by Strindberg. https://fst.se/composer/593
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishEldonet1990Children's operaText by Hans Christian Anderson. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishLa Mère Coupable (The Criminal Mother)19922-act operaBased on a play of Beaumarchais. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishThe Nightingale1993Chamber OperaText by Hans Christian Anderson. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishAladdin1995Fairy tale operaText from "A Thousand and One Nights." https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishPeter Pan1998Fairy tale operaBased on the J.M. Barrie play. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishA Madman's Defence20012-act operaText by Strindberg. https://fst.se/composer/593
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishEternally Your Mozart20112-act operaLibretto by Inger Wikström. https://fst.se/composer/592
Wikström, Inger (b. 1939)SwedishRaoul Wallenberg20142-act operaLibretto by Inger Wikström. https://fst.se/composer/593
Wilhelmina, Princess of Prussia (1709-1758)GermanArgenore1740OperaPerformed in 1740 for her husband's birthday. An aria from this opera is available on IMSLP.
Williams, Grace (1906-1977)WelshThe Parlour19611-Act comic operaPremiered in 1966. Information about Williams's manuscripts can be found here. https://archives.library.wales/index.php/opera-3
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Opera Singer2000OperaAbout the struggles of young operatic hopefuls aspiring to become successful opera artists. Contact the composer at [email protected].
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Herndons: The Opera2002OperaScenes in the life and times of Alonzo Franklin Herndon, the South's first Black millionaire. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanLaRoche2003OperaJoseph Phillipe La Mercier LaRoche was the only black passenger on the ill-fated Titanic when it sank after striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic in 1912. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Candlers of Callan2005OperaThree vignettes about the Candlers from England and Ireland to America, where Asa Candler purchased the Coca Cola formulation from Dr. John Pemberton. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Great Divide2005OperaThe story of York, the slave who crossed the Great Divide with Lewis and Clark on their expedition of discovery across the west. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanPink Lady2006OperaThe struggles of three women and their battle, perception, and choices in dealing with breast cancer. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanMadam C.J.2007OperaThe life and times of Madam Charles Joseph Walker (Sarah Breedlove), America's first woman millionaire, who made her fortune creating hair products for black women. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Seduction of King Solomon2007OperaKing Solomon was known to be the wisest king in the Bible, but his lust for foreign women - including the Queen of Sheba - was his downfall. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.American3 Kings and a Prince2008Christmas operaThis delightful and humorous Christmas opera is about the three kings and their journey to find the "Prince of Peace." Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanCarmen J2009OperaCarmen J mirrors Bizet's opera but is adapted to a pre-Civil War plantation setting in Virginia. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Bridge2010OperaThis opera highlights the life of homeless people in Atlanta living under the Washington Street Bridge near the state capitol. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThree-Dream Portrait2011Three operas in one."Vashti" is about the queen described in the book of Esther who refused to display herself at a banquet. "Robeson" features scenes from the life of Paul Robeson. "The Maid's Dream" is about a maid in the 1950's working for a famous opera singer. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Goddeses of Quasar2017OperaIn a science fiction setting, three goddesses who were once warriors discover a portal to the Quasar, a place of perfect peace. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanThe Night WatchmanPremiere TBAChristmas operettaIn an imaginary town on Christmas Eve, the Night Watchman is once again bound to watch the night, due to his youthful misdeeds, until he can prove himself worthy of redemption. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Willis, Sharon J.AmericanSing, Marian, Sing2019Recital operaPart 1 finds singer Marian Anderson on stage with the character of doubt on her left side and the character of encouragement on her right. Part 2 is a resetting of a scene from Verdi's "A Masked Ball," the opera in which Anderson debuted with the Metropolitan Opera. Contact the composer at [email protected]..
Woolf, (Sophia) Julia (1831-1893)EnglishCarina1888Comic operaInformation about accessing the score is available here. https://www.worldcat.org/title/carina-comic-opera-in-two-acts/oclc/15524729
Woolf, Luna PearlAmericanThe Pillar2020Opera in progressAn opera about Ruth Madoff, wife of Bernie Madoff. https://oxingalemusic.com/2014/08/05/the-pillar-opera/
Woolf, Luna PearlAmericanJacqueline2020Opera in 4 movementsSoprano and cello, based on the life of Jacqueline du Pre. https://oxingalemusic.com/jacqueline-opera/
Woolf, Luna PearlAmericanThe Pillar2016Operahttps://oxingalemusic.com/2014/08/05/the-pillar-opera/
Woolf, Luna PearlAmericanBetter Gods2016Operahttps://lunapearlwoolf.com/portfolio/better-gods/
Wuiet, Caroline (1766-1835)FrenchAngelina17793-act operaFor a list of her surviving compositions see Barbara Garvey Jackson, Say Can You Deny Me: A Guide to Surviving Music by Women from the 16th through the 18th Centuries (Fayetteville: Univ of Arkansas Press, 1994).
Wuiet, Caroline (1766-1835)FrenchL'Heureuse Erreur, ou La Suite de l'épreuve Villageoise (The Happy Error, or The Continuation of the Village Trial)1786Opéra comiqueFor a list of her surviving compositions see Barbara Garvey Jackson, Say Can You Deny Me: A Guide to Surviving Music by Women from the 16th through the 18th Centuries (Fayetteville: Univ of Arkansas Press, 1994).
Wuiet, Caroline (1766-1835)FrenchL'Heureux Stratagème, ou Le Vol Supposé (The Happy Ploy, or The Supposed Theft)1786Opéra bouffeFor a list of her surviving compositions see Barbara Garvey Jackson, Say Can You Deny Me: A Guide to Surviving Music by Women from the 16th through the 18th Centuries (Fayetteville: Univ of Arkansas Press, 1994).
Wurm, Mary J. A. (1860-1938)EnglishDie Mitschuldigen (The Accomplices)1921Opera
Wurm, Mary J. A. (1860-1938)EnglishPrinzessin Lisa's Fee (Princess Lisa's Fairy)1890Japanese children's opera
Yun, Du (b. 1977)Chinese-AmericanAngel’s Bone2016OperaAngel’s Bone tells the story of two fallen angels who are found in a middle-class couple’s garden. The couple nurture the wounded cherubs back to health only to force them into prostitution to earn back their plucked feathers. Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer prize for music. https://channelduyun.com/works/
Yun, Du (b. 1977)Chinese-AmericanWhere We Lost Our Shadows2019Multimedia operaA "triple concerto for voices, percussion soloist and video". https://channelduyun.com/works/
Yun, Du (b. 1977)Chinese-AmericanSweet Land2020Operahttps://channelduyun.com/works/ The Arrivals wash up on the shore. They make contact with another civilization they call “the Hosts.” And from there, the story splinters, following diverging perspectives.
Yun, Du (b. 1977)Chinese-AmericanZolle2005Chamber operaIn Zolle (It., big chunk of earth), a dead woman is a land-watcher. She wanders through the shadowy space between memory and reality, tracing the lines of her identity through the land she once walked: an immigrant in death as in life. https://channelduyun.com/works/
Zaimont, Judith Lang (b.1945)AmericanGoldilocks and the Three Bears1985Chamber operahttps://www.judithzaimont.com/opera.html
Zechlin, Ruth (1926-2007)GermanReiner Fuchs1967Operahttps://ruthzechlin.de/indexd448.html?article_id=9
Zechlin, Ruth (1926-2007)GermanDie Salamandrin und die Bildsäule (The Salamander and the Statue)1990Operahttps://ruthzechlin.de/indexd448.html?article_id=10
Zechlin, Ruth (1926-2007)GermanDie Reise (The Giant)1992Chamber operahttps://ruthzechlin.de/indexd448.html?article_id=11
Zechlin, Ruth (1926-2007)GermanElissa2004Chamber operahttps://ruthzechlin.de/indexd448.html?article_id=12
Zhubaniva, Gaziza Akhmetovna (1928-1993)KazakhDvadtsat' Vosem' (Twenty-Eight)1987Opera
Zhubaniva, Gaziza Akhmetovna (1928-1993)KazakhEnlik-Kebek1975Opera
Zitkála-Šá (1876-1938)Native AmericanThe Sun Dance Opera1913OperaWritten in collaboration with William F. Hanson, who taught at Brigham Young University. A photocopy of the original piano-vocal score is held at the BYU library.