Written by Mrs. Bach

Written-by-Mrs-Bach-poster-awardsThe long awaited, and much debated, documentary that investigates the role of Anna Magdalena Bach as not only wife but collaborator and, most controversially, composer of the Cello Suites, is now available online.

The evidence uncovered and explored by musicologist Martin Jarvis has raised eyebrows, and ruffled feathers, among classical musicians and music enthusiasts around the world.  (We’ve covered a bit of the enthusiasm and eye-rolling that this work has inspired in the past.)  Regardless of your personal stance on the subject, I encourage everyone to spend some time watching the film and to consider the evidence as it is presented.  The film is well done, raises thoughtful questions, and is narrated by British composer Sally Beamish.

Written by Mrs. Bach was awarded a Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals (among other awards)  – the full film is available on the New York Festivals website.


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