Women's Philharmonic Advocacy's Performance Grants 2014


Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy’s Performance Grants 2014


As we did in 2012, WPA will offer grants whose purpose is: to encourage orchestras to perform music composed by women—both historic and contemporary.   

We plan to have the 2014 application materials ready by Aug. 1, 2014, with completed applications due on Wed. Oct. 1. One difference from the 2012 cycle is that we will ask orchestras to perform two works by women, one of whom is historic. We will offer lots of help in suggesting and finding repertoire! We hope that the impact of these grants will be positive and wide-reaching, and stimulate a new area of interest for many U.S. orchestras!

All U.S. orchestras (including string and chamber orchestras, sectional strings must be included) will be invited to apply for the grants. One half the funds will be reserved for youth and student orchestras. WPA Performance Grants are programs designed encourage the performance and recognition of a wide range of music by women composers, both contemporary and historic.   

Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy also hopes to serve as a resource, providing assistance in finding rare scores by women.  In doing this, we carry on the work of The Women’s Philharmonic which programmed more than 300 works by women over their 24 years of concerts.  Here is a partial list of the repertoire of The Women’s Philharmonic.

We were able to raise over $7,000 through Indiegogo this year to put towards these grants! We could not have reached this goal without generous donations from our backers. Your encouragement and support increases the recognition of women’s creative ability and brings their work to audiences across the country.


Thank you to our 2014 campaign contributors!

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