Women Composers Festival of Hartford

For the past fourteen years the Women Composers Festival of Hartford has been a champion for women’s work in music.  The annual event, this year being held March 4-8, features fabulous concerts and conversations about the historic and contemporary women composers.  This year’s event, which is quickly approaching, features Lisa Coons as composer-in-residence.

The first concert shouldn’t be missed.  Penny Brandt, President of the Women Composers Festival of Hartford Board says this about it:


I would like to invite you to our first concert, which will be a lecture recital at Capital Community College, called “The Invisible Woman.”  This concert will feature discussions about how women’s historical contributions to music have often been overlooked, and will present music from the 17th century and beyond as a step toward correcting that imbalance.  It will be Thursday, March 5 at 6:00pm, in hopes that our friends from downtown Hartford will be able to attend right after work. And, unlike the rest of the festival, admission for this event is free!

This is a fabulous gift to the community – and a wonderful way to engage the public in acknowledging and appreciating the work of women composers.  Tickets for the Festival and more information is available through the Women Composers Festival of Hartford website.  And be sure to also visit their Indiegogo campaign and support the the upcoming festival!  Even a small donation is a wonderful way to voice your support of their work even if you are unable to attend in person – and they are offering excellent thank you gifts to donors!

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