Our adventures at SAM in New Orleans continue with more fantastic papers, food, and camaraderie!

On Saturday morning I attended a truly wonderful session focusing on the lives and music of Florence Price and Margaret Bonds, and considering new and intersectional ways to analyze and appreciate their respective bodies of work.

Kori Hill presented on Florence Price’s Second Violin Concerto:

Kate Pukinskis presented on Margaret Bond’s Three Dream Portraits:

And Marquese Carter presented on Florence Price’s song “The Washer Woman”.

Together this panel brought into conversation vital conversation on the intersectional nature of studying, analyzing, and appreciating the works of Black American composers.

After another inspiring day of fantastic papers and conversations, the SAM conference wrapped up official business by installing Tammy Kernodle to her newly-elected role of Society for American Music President!  Congratulations, Tammy (who also serves on our WPA Board)!

We rapped up our last evening in New Orleans with some wonderful Creole food and finding ourselves in the middle of a parade!  Laissez le bon temps rouler!