We are at the Society for American Music Conference in New Orleans and looking forward to many days of great papers, conversations, and opportunities to advocate for the works of women composers.

Today was filled with fascinating and intersectional conversations about music and meaning, race and gender, and how individuals are represented and given a voice through music.  I had chance to listen in on a great conversation including many of these ideas in the discussion of works by women in popular music, as well as the way themes from opera moved from concert hall to parlor rooms, and was challenged to consider the ways in which indigenous peoples have lost agency.

We’ve also been delighted to meet so many people at our exhibit table and introduce them to not only the work of WPA, but the work of women composers that we are now making available through our publications.  There are still so many diverse voices, forgotten, deserving to be heard.

We just wrapped up Day 1 in the best way possible – a phenomenal concert by New Orleans jazz clarinetist and bandleader Michael White.  Dr. White, faculty at Xavier University here in New Orleans, gave a wonderful presentation on the history and development of the New Orleans jazz sound – and thrilling examples with his four piece ensemble.  Have a listen below!

Are you also at SAM?  Stop by the Exhibit Hall and visit the Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy table!