Welcome to our Publications page, launched in 2017 as we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Amy Beach’s birth.  Our Amy Beach website contains our publications by that composer.  Our editions are critical/performing editions, created by qualified professional scholar-editors, who have consulted copies of the manuscript sources. All editions include orchestral parts.

Most of our editions include documents, such as a preface, editorial policy, list of sources, and critical report.

In addition to our Amy Beach Series, we also have editions of works by Elfrida Andrée, Marion Bauer, Rebecca Clarke, Ruth Crawford Seeger and Vítězslava Kaprálová. The editions are listed below alphabetically by composer, followed by title and including each work’s editor/orchestrator.  For more information or to acquire these publications, please contact us at [email protected]!

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NEW — MARCH 2023! 

Mlle. Duval, Suite from the Ballet “Les Genies” – (1736) PDF $17, Print $35

Louise Farrenc – Symphony n. 3 in G minor, op. 36 (1847)  –  PDF $35, Print $70

Helen Hopekirk  – Air from Suite for Piano, arranged for Chamber Orchestra by Chris A. Trotman – PDF $15, Print $30

Marianne Martines – Symphony in C (1770) – PDF $17, Print $35

Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee – Sonata (1986), orchestrated by David A. Rahbee –  PDF $25, Print $40

Elfrida Andrée, Swedish composer  (1841-1929)

   Andante quasi Recitativo, edited by Jonathan Spatola-Knoll.

•  Concert Overture in D, edited by Susan Pickett.

  Swedish Mass, edited by Susan Pickett.



Marion Bauer

(b. Walla Walla,WA 1882– d. South Hadley, MA 1955)

  Symphony No. 1, Op. 45, edited by Susan Pickett and Erik Feldman.




Rebecca Clarke

(b. Harrow, UK, 1886– d. New York, NY 1979)

  Passacaglia on an Old English Tune for Viola (or Cello) and Chamber Orchestra

  Passacaglia on an Old English Tune for Viola (or Cello) and String Orchestra

Both versions orchestrated by Chris A. Trotman.

SEE ALSO: Rebecca Clarke’s Sonata for Viola and Orchestra — orchestrated for solo viola and chamber orchestra by Ruth Lomon, sponsored by The Rebecca Clarke Society, Inc.


Louise Farrenc

French composer (1804 – 1875)

 Symphony No. 3, Op. 36 (1847), edited by Ronald Krentzman.




Helen Hopekirk

Scottish-American composer (1856 – 1945)

 III. Air, from Suite for Piano, edited by Chris A. Trotman.

   Air for Chamber Orchestra, from Suite for Piano, orchestrated by Chris A. Trotman.



Marianna Martines

(1744 – 1812) Viennese composer of Spanish heritage

 Sinfonia in C Major (1770), edited by Nan Washburn.




Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901-1953)

  Five Songs (1-3) for Contralto and Chamber Orchestra (Original key)

  Five Songs (1-3) for Contralto and Chamber Orchestra (Transposed M3 Higher)

I. Home Thoughts: C4 – E5 and transposed M3 higher: E4 – G#5
II. White Moon: A3 – Eb5 and transposed M3 higher: C#4 – G5
III. Joy: G3 – E#5/F5 and transposed M3 higher: B3 – A5

Both versions orchestrated by Chris A. Trotman. Performance permission must be obtained from C.F. Peters.


The Kapralova Society - Home | Facebook Vítězslava Kaprálová:

  Partita for Piano and Strings, reduced for 2 pianos – solo piano and piano accompaniment (orchestral reduction by Chris A. Trotman. You may acquire the original Partita publication through the Czech Radio publisher here.




For more information or to acquire these publications, please contact us at [email protected]!