2D72AA0EF-C14F-5382-39FD0DEDD0E045CDWinner of a 2014 Performance Grant, Orchestra of St. Luke’s is collaborating with Brooklyn-based composer and sound artist Maria Chavez for an exciting weekend of events.

Tonight (May 8) at 7:30 Chavez will be discussing her process in composing her new work, commissioned by Orchestra of St. Lukes, NYC Sonic Scores, 2015.  The event will also be live streamed.

At 8:30 the audience in attendance will become a part of Chavez’s sound installationLapse: Leave: Linger.

Saturday (May 9) Orchestra St. Luke’s will premiere NYC Sonic Scores, 2015.  Read more about the work here, or buy your ticket
for the event.

Listen to more by Chavez on her Soundcloud page.