Liane at Boston Symphony Hall

Liane at Boston Symphony Hall, 9-30-2011

—  Hey, I haven’t worn a sandwich-board since the VPO protest of 1999!  A lot of fun!

My sign reads:

BSO, why are women composers excluded?
2011-2012: 70 pieces by 32 composers—
ALL of them MEN.
Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
Sign our mailing list!

And I handed out a flier (200 of ’em!).  It’s amazing how some people look right through you when you are trying to hand them something. Others were, of course, full of interest and enthusiasm! I met some very kind people! And I met BSO artistic administrator Tony Fogg, who I had written back when I wrote James Levine and Mark Volpe in 2008 (and several times after that). He said that he had written me back a lengthy reply, but I never received it.  Too bad to have a miscommunication, I will try again … and again …

Here’s a link to the front of the flier in PDF format  (the back was a summary of my letter to the BSO referenced above)

BSO-Do you recognize them