New Music Compilation

Over at The Rambler, Tim Rutherford-Johnson reviewed a new compilation of works composed by Fellows of the New York Foundation for the Arts. Titled 25 Years of New York New Music, the collection, consisting of 5 discs and 61 tracks, recognizes the works of contemporary composers and their impact on current music.

In discussing this set of works, Rutherford-Johnson says:

New music fans will probably head first for the rare cuts by better-known names in this collection: interestingly, most of these (Pauline Oliveros, Annea Lockwood, Meredith Monk, Eve Beglarian, Joan Tower, Augusta Read Thomas) are women – indeed women composers are very well-represented.

But out of 53 composers to have works included in the compilation, only 14 are women. This is “very well-represented”??

Regardless – follow the links above to find out more information about 25 Years of New York New Music and pay a listen to some of the examples of women’s contributions to the contemporary music community.