New Fanny Mendelssohn Recording

The French string quartet Ebène just released a new CD pairing the work of Fanny Mendelssohn with her brother Felix.

Visit NPR to catch up on a story done by All Things Considered about the ensemble and their new CD release. The NPR page also has the Allegro molto vivace movement of Fanny’s String Quartet in E-flat available streaming—please have a listen!

And do make sure you listen to both the story and the track—it is of interest to hear how they “discovered” Fanny’s work through a friend and learned it first on a whim before considering it a serious composition, and then deciding to include it on their new album.

I also very much appreciate this NPR field recording of Ebène performing some of the other Mendelssohn in a bookstore in Brooklyn. (But who doesn’t love live music surrounded by books?)

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