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Bethan Langford as Maria Theresia von Paradis in The Paradis Files. Photograph: Patrick Baldwin

We are intrigued by the new opera that explores the life of the blind composer and pianist, Maria Theresia von Paradis (1759-1824).  “The Paradis Files”  is receiving positive reviews, and definitively gives much food for thought. Commissioned and produced by the disabled-led theatre company Graeae, the opera’s composer is Errollyn Wallen, with co-librettists Nicola Werenowska and Selina Mills. We wonder (however) when do we get to hear music composed by Paradis (not the spurious Sicilienne)?  The Women’s Philharmonic performed her Overture to “Der Schulkandidat” (1792) in 1994.

“Now Hear This” series (hosted by Scott Yoo) continues on PBS television (as part of “Great Performances”) with “Florence Price and the American Migration” – you can watch on their website to 05/13/22.

If you’re a fan of horror films, you’ll enjoy this listicle: Scare Tactics: 7 Female Horror Composers and Their Spookiest Soundtracks.  An obvious omission is Michiru Oshima.   These are all pretty recent films, but our historic horror fav Elisabeth Lutyens is also worth recalling.

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