Monday Link Round Up: September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!  Here is some news to enjoy over the holiday, and to start your week!

I just found out about the Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award.  The prize awards a grant of $10,000 and a year of professional mentorship to an emerging female composer or composer/lyricist.  The 2016 application deadline has just been extended until September 9 – so help spread the word!  More information here.

An editorial in The Guardian highlights the lack of women conductors leading ensembles at the BBC Proms – but this piece isn’t without criticism.

Bob Shingleton, at On An Overgrown Path, responds with a reminder as to the importance not only of including more women conductors, but also more conductors of color.  Read his thoughts here  – with a followup on some conductors to include here.

And Sarah Tenant-Flowers responded with a reminder that the lack of women conductors is a problem not only in the orchestral world, but in the choral world as well.

The role of women as conductors is a hot topic at the moment – with another article about women “Cracking a Glass Ceiling With the Maestro’s Baton” by Michael Cooper in The New York Times.  

As always – let us know what we missed!  What are you reading?  Leave a link in a comment below.

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