News to start your week!

Have you seen our report on who is being heard in the 2018-2019 orchestral concert season?  Find all the news — good and bad — here.

Listening to Ladies has a new podcast ready to stream and share!  In the latest episode she talks to American composer Judith Shatin.  Find more info at the website, and listen below!

Fran Hoepfner wrote a great piece for WQXR’s blog about the “Wholehearted Americanness” of Florence Price’s Symphony in E Minor.  Read the article, and Hoepfner’s analysis of the work, at WQXR.

At Sequenza 21 Rodney Lister writes about the work of Lili Boulanger, including a review of the pieces heard at the BBC Proms in August.

Timothy Diovanni offer his insights on the concert of music by Chen Yi and Zhou Long, presented at the Society for American Music. The event was last March, but this is still timely since you can hear the whole concert online!

Finally, if you missed celebrating Rebecca Clarke’s birthday  (Aug. 27) you can do that now by listening to the Eureka Ensemble’s brilliant performance of her Viola Sonata, orchestrated by Ruth Lomon.  And to celebrate Amy Beach’s birthday on Sept. 5, you can enjoy the same ensemble playing her majestic “Gaelic” Symphony!

What are you listening to?  We’d love to hear from you