Monday Link Round Up: October 24, 2016

News to start your week!


In another follow up to the performance of works by Saariaho by the New York Phil, read the review by Alex Ross in the October 31 issue of The New Yorker.  The full article is available online here.


Cellist Evangeline Benedetti has a new book out about cello technique, published by Oxford University Press.  There is a conversation with Benedetti, the second woman to be awarded tenure at the New York Philharmonic, about her career on the Oxford University Press blog.  Don’t miss it here.


The Guardian has a review of a new album of works by Meredith Monk.  Learn more about the album titled “On Behalf of Nature” here.


As always, let us know what we missed!  What are you reading?  Leave a link and comment below!

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