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It was great to see an article in the Huffington Post about Orchestra Moderne – a new ensemble based in NYC led by conductor Amy Andersson.  The ensemble is committed to performing a diverse range of works, especially focusing on works by women and people of color.  Their inaugural concert, on October 7, will include Overture to Light by Lolita Ritmanis. looks at the coming season for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, which is now being led by Xian Zhang.  It is her second year in the position, and it looks like more great, and acclaimed, concerts are to come.  Such a shame that the article is so poorly titled, labeling her the “first female conductor” but not addressing the gender issue otherwise.  The orchestra will include Chen Yi’s Ge Xu in the Jan. 11-14, 2018 concerts, part of the “AMERICA, INSPIRING” Winter Festival.

A performance of Rebecca Clarke’s Viola Sonata — orchestrated — was praised: violist Molly Sharp “played warmly and lyrically, ably negotiating Clarke’s tricky alternations between English-pastoral and impressionist-modernist styles.”  This performance of the orchestrated work was by the Richmond Symphony on Oct. 1, and was the premiere in the state of Virginia. Learn more about this version of the work here.

Don’t miss the latest podcast by Listening to Ladies!  This month Elizabeth Blair has a conversation with Marga Richter.  Stream it below, (or subscribe on iTunes!)  but be sure to visit the website for more links to Richter’s works!


The Women Composers Festival of Hartford is fundraising for the 2018 event!  See below the reasons why you should consider donating – and why wouldn’t you with so many great thank you gifts?!


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