News and music to start your week!

Congratulations go to Cécile McLorin Salvant, pictured above, the only musician named in the 2020 MacArthur Fellowships (“genius grants”).  Salvant is a composer, pianist, and vocalist.  Learn more about her work at NewMusicBox.

Read about the work being done by British musicians to reform classical music programming to not only be inclusive, but to respond to the social justice issues that are making headlines around the world.  One of the primary organizers, Nicolas Daniel, an oboist, said of the work he is doing: “We have a cancer in the middle of the industry, which is the racist element of our society.  [Classical music] is not dealing with the multicultural society we are living in – serious music has got to be on offer for everybody.”  Read more at Van.

The New York Times explores the sudden interest in orchestras to perform works by Black composers – and how advocates for more inclusive programming are fearful that it is simply a trend, and not an indication of the true and necessary change that the industry is needing.

Learn about the women composers who lead the way in the field of video game scores.  Wired explores the career of conductor and composer Eímear Noone and her peers, whose music is readily heard in living rooms around the world. You might also recall that in February, Noone became the first woman to conduct at the Academy Awards ceremony.

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