Monday Link Round Up: May 8, 2017

News to start your week!


Tom Huizenga at NPR’s Deceptive Cadence continues the conversation about representation with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Du Yun, and follows up on the essay written by Mohammed Fairouz (included in last week’s round up).  Read the full piece by Huizenga here.


On An Overgrown Path discusses the importance of diversity behind the baton – specifically how few people of color are represented.  Read the piece here – and follow the links for the deeper and important conversation.


Listening to Ladies has a new episode featuring the work of composer, performer, and researcher Mari Kimura.  Learn more, and download, at the LtL website, or stream it below:


Read more about the concert that happened this past weekend in Princeton, NJ  at   the Westminster Community Orchestra performed Amy Beach’s “Gaelic” Symphony – in the new edition being released by WPA Publishing.  A great conversation with the conductor, Ruth Ochs!


What did we miss?  What are you reading?  Let us know!