News and music to start your week – and happy Women’s History Month!

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Composer Hannah Kendall’s “Kanashibari” is having its U.S. premiere with the Seattle Symphony on Feb. 25. (Brian Doherty)

Learn about the rising composer Hannah Kendall (pictured above) and the U.S. Premiere of Kanashibari with the Seattle Symphony (heard on February 25) — article at the Seattle Times.  Kendall, who was born in London, is getting well deserved attention in recent years, and we can’t wait to hear all of the music she will share with the world!

March 2, The Neave Trio performs (live) music by Rebecca Clarke and Cecile Chaminade.  The concert will remain available for one week after the initial broadcast.

The BBC has planned two world premiere performances for Internatio andnal Women’s Day (March 8).  The new commissions by Ella Jarman-Pinto and Natalie Klouda will speak directly to the difficulties women have faced as they have been disproportionally effected by the pandemic. has more about the events.  BBC Radio 3’s classical music programming highlighting International Women’s Day is outlined here, including discussions of the two 18th century composers named Anna Amalia on March 7, of the 20th c. British/Czech composer Geraldine Mucha on March 6, and Ruth Gipps launches as Composer of the Week on March 8.

Also celebrating the Ruth Gipps Centennial is this March 8 Symposium featuring performances and discussion.  Much of Gipps’ music continues to be (re)discovered and explored, including her Symphonies.

Another event being released March 8 is a lecture/recital by pianist/musicologist Dr. Samantha Ege: “The Black Chicago Renaissance Women: Lives & Legacies in Music” exploring music of Florence B. Price, Nora Douglas Holt, Margaret Bonds, and Betty Jackson King.”  Find it on the YouTube TORCH Channel (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities)

The One Voice Project Micro Opera Festival is happening!  Composer and mezzo-soprano Lisa Neher will be performing several works she created working with libretti by writer and musicologist Kendra Preston Leonard.

The Women Composers Festival of Hartford will take place this year virtually – which means there are fewer barriers to attending!  The Festival will take place March 19 & 20; it includes performances and scholarly presentations.  Tickets are on sale now!

Another Music Festival is “Finding A Voice 2021,” out of Ireland, happening for the 4th year. Events include a talk by Diana Ambache about Fanny Mendelssohn’s monumental piano cycle “Das Jahr” and a performance of the work by Ellen Jansson on Mar. 7.

Last week we shared the news of the podcast by Julia Adolphe.  Hear more about the project, and find links to listen in, at New Music Box.

The European Broadcasting Union (with more than 400 participating radio stations) is launching “Women in Music Days.” 

What did we miss?  What are you listening to? We know that March is the busiest time of the year!  While our focus on women is year-round, it is always great to have a special celebration! Let us know how you are celebrating at