Monday Link Round Up: June 13, 2016


Thinking about, and grieving for, Orlando.


ArtsHub published an article by Sally Macarthur, Cat Hope, and Dawn Bennett highlights the gender disparities for women composers in Australia.  (The original version of the article was published on The Conversation.)


Aljazeera has the story of two Iranian women coming together to explore and celebrate the rich diversity in the ethnic music of Iran.  The clarinet and guitar duo is called Naqsh Duo – read more here.


Composer and sound artist Melanie Wilson has an editorial in The Guardian discussing her new work, Opera for the Unknown Woman, and the importance of hearing women’s voices.


The Guardian also has a profile of composer Caroline Shaw, the youngest musician to win a Pulitzer Prize.  She skillfully walks the line between classical and popular music, and is certainly a voice to watch.


And don’t forget to download your June WPA Calendar!


What did we miss?  What are you reading?  As always, leave a comment and let us know!

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