News and music to start your week!

In case you missed it, don’t miss reading Megan Lavengood’s excellent piece on gender and hiring as it relates to the field of Music Theory

Andrew Clements reviews the new recording by Isata Kanneh-Mason (pictured) of piano works by Clara Schumann.  Read on at The Guardian.

Also at The Guardian, read a review of the Cheltenham music festival’s performance of new works by Judith Weir, Dani Howard, and Thea Musgrave.

Read the call that Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is making to other ensembles to hire more disabled musicians and to make inclusion central to their mission.

The career of Lucia Lucas, the first transgendered opera singer to perform in the United States, has been making the news lately (for instance on NPR, and in her hometown paper, the Sacramento Bee).  And now The New York Times wrote a piece talking with other transgendered opera singers.

We were thrilled to notice that the second annual YOUNG WOMEN COMPOSERS CAMP starts today, hosted by Temple University!  What an amazing and important two weeks! Applause for the Camp’s faculty and staff, especially Founder and Artistic Director Erin Busch.

ICYMI, the UK-based organization, DONNE-Women in Music, released their “composers by the numbers” report last month.  Compared to our “Season by the Numbers” for 2019-2020, the obvious difference in approach is that ours is strictly U.S. based, studying the top-21 U.S. based orchestras, while DONNE’s study is based on 15 international orchestras — European, U.S., and one each for Canada, Brazil, and Australia.  Another difference is that our study provides the information that is the basis of the statistics, listing all the pieces by women that are being played, and and by which orchestras. And our the data I (collected by our intrepid Sarah Baer) can be accessed via this Google Sheet – feel free to copy, paste, sort, explore, share, and let us know what new information this data provides!

Be sure to be in touch! What you are listening to and what did we miss?