Monday Link Round Up: April 4, 2016

News to start your week!

Anna Beer, a writer, historian, and Lecturer at the University of Oxford, just had an editorial published by The Guardian sharing her experience learning about the rich but forgotten history of women’s work in music.  She discuses works by Caccini, Strozzi, Mendelssohn Hensel, and others.

Conductor and singer Barbara Hannigan was interviewed by Shadrach Kabango CBC Radio One.  Kabango’s show, called q, explores different topics in popular culture.  His questions for Hannigan traveled into familiar territory – including the “woman conductor” question.   Listen on the website, or watch a video of the interview below:

WQXR compiled a list of US Opera Premieres that highlight American topics.  Included in the list was Lori Laitman‘s Scarlet Letter which will be premiered by Opera Colorado in May, 2016.  Watch a preview below:

As always – let us know what we missed!  What news caught your interest?

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