News to start your week!

Congratulations to Du Yun for winning the Pulitzer Prize in Music for her opera Angel’s Bone!  Read the story at NPR or NewMusicBox – which interviewed the composer about her work in 2014.  Watch part of the interview below:


It is also notable that for the first time in history all three music finalists were women under age 40.  The other two finalists were Ashley Fure for Bound to the Bow and Kate Soper for Ipsa Dixit.


For more on why this is significant, be sure to read William Robin’s piece in The New Yorker on “What Du Yun’s Pulitzer Win Means for Women in Classical Music”.  Not to be missed!


Blogger Peter Alexander takes a careful look at the progress – and lack thereof – in regards to women in classical music.  Though performers continue to achieve greater heights, thanks in part due to blind auditions, composers don’t have the advantage of anonymity.  Be sure to read his full piece: Women in Classical Music: Some Good News, Some Bad News.


And don’t miss Jennifer Higdon’s interview with Joel Hoffman at The Rumpus.  They discuss many of her pieces as well as her approach to composition.  Read it in full – and enjoy all of the clips along the way!


What did we miss?  What are you reading?  Leave a comment and link and let us know!