Libby Larsen: Composer and Advocate

Libby Larsen is distinguished as one of the most prolific and performed living American composers, as well as one of the greatest advocates for rising musicians and composers.  Her catalog of works—which includes over 500 pieces spanning genres from art songs to operas, chamber works to symphonies—has been recognized nationally and internationally, and is often recorded.  A wide range of samples of her works are available on her website.

Libby Larsen

Her advocacy has its roots in her co-founding of the Minnesota Composers Forum, now known as the American Composers Forum, and for speaking about her experiences as a woman working in music, and the importance of having women’s works heard.

In fact, Libby was so kind as to add her words of support to our Indiegogo Campaign which is raising money to provide performance grants that will allow more works by women composers to be performed by large ensembles across the United States.  Stop by the the campaign website, hear what Libby has to say, and consider supporting the performance and appreciation of more works by women being heard—perhaps even in a concert hall near you!  Larsen, for instance, is the featured composer at the Univ. of Tampa Composers Festival, March 5-6.


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