Liane will be live blogging this week from the Eastman Women In Music Festival—a wonderful annual event full of lectures, masterclasses, and many, many concerts featuring women’s work in music.  The event encourages developing musicians to explore the works of composers not covered in typical Music History Courses, and to be enthusiastic about performing and listening to works outside the “standard” repertoire.  All events are also free and open to the public, serving as a wonderful educational opportunity for anyone interested in learning more.

They are featuring another brilliant program this year—and I’ll be highlighting some of the composers being heard (though many discussed this month are also included).

Jocelyn Hagen (b.1980) is a native of North Dakota and a highly accomplished pianist.  She holds degrees from St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota.  Her composition teachers include Judith Lang Zaimont.  She writes largely for voice, including choral, solo, and chamber works.  Though still rather young in her career, Hagen has received over 40 commissions and 50 premieres, and many awards for her compositions.  You can find a complete list of her works on her website, where you can also listen to many of her works.

Here is the”Sanctus” movement from her large scale work AMASS: