The Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional (OSN — National Symphony Orchestra) of Costa Rica presents a tribute to women composers on June 14 and 16, 2019.

The concert is conducted by Gabriela Mora Fallas (pictured left), returning for her second time to lead the orchestra; for her first time, two years ago, she received a National Award from the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

The program is brilliant and varied, and Mora emphasizes that many of the works are national premieres, and thus the program is highly innovative.  The complete program follows:

Blue Cathedral, Jennifer Higdon
Pinceladas, Pilar Aguilar (Costa Rican)
Purple Rhapsody, Joan Tower (with soloist Winnie Camila Berg, viola).
Overture in C Major, Fanny Hensel, nee Mendelssohn
Symphony No.1, Ester Mägi (Estonia)
La nuit et l'amour, Augusta Holmès
Déjà vu, Yadira Cobo (Cuba, with soloist Winnie Camila Berg, viola).
D'un matin de printemps, Lili Boulanger

Two works are by composers that are new to us, and who we are excited to learn about! The Estonian Ester Mägi (b. 1922) is renowned in her own country.  In case you can’t make it to the concert in Costa Rica, you can listen to her vigorous and athletic Symphony no. 1 here:

Magi’s English Wikipedia article is very skimpy (we hope someone will expand it!)

The other composer is the Cuban Yadira Cobo — listen to her energetic and compelling Déjà vu with Winnie Camila Berg, viola. The performance is by the illustrious Camerata Romeu (led by Zenaida Romeu), with whom Cobo performs as a violinist.

The National Symphony’s official video promoting the concert is here.  Great to know about these important concerts taking place in Costa Rica!  Bravi, Tutte!